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you can’t stick out your tongue and…….

look up at the ceiling at the same time.

Tried it didn’t you?  I am such a goob, so did I!  When you want someone to do something just tell them they can’t and they will try to prove you wrong.  I hate being told what I can or cannot do.  Positive reinforcement, cheer-leading and praise work well only when the desire to accomplish whatever someone else wants me to do agrees with my own agenda.  My Mom used to try to bribe me with stuff she knew I wanted if I would do this or that or another thing on her agenda, like becoming a concert pianist, LOL, I have a tin ear.  She never had to pay up…..

Some might say I am stubborn as a mule and in fact they have and in fact I am.  Maybe I should qualify that a little in that I don’t sweat the small stuff and I hate a hassle.  So if it doesn’t require me to go against my core principles I might go along to get along but those occasions are rare.  One thing comes to mind here.  I hate wearing my seat belt.  To me it is a stupid law in that the state, in the name of public safety made a law that they can use to legally steal from me.  My wearing a seat belt only affects me and does nothing to endanger other people on the road.  When the law was first enacted it was promised that it would never be used as the primary cause for a traffic stop, guess what, they lied, you have heard of the ‘Click it or ticket‘ campaign haven’t you?   This is the reason I hate wearing it.  I like to make all the decisions for myself when it comes to personal anything.  This is just one example of how government ‘nudges’ us in the name of the public good.  Over time much freedom has bee abdicated in the name of security and like sheep the majority of people just voluntarily give up their individual freedom because they like that ‘feeling’ of security.

So why do I wear that seat belt?  I do it because being thrown out of the car at 70mph and winding up mangled in a ditch is not on my agenda.  If government were really interested only in the public good they would trust that most people are smart enough to assess information pertaining to keeping themselves and their families safer and act accordingly.  But no, they need to raise more revenue (tax) so they require us to do things, nudging us, that benefits their agenda either way.  If we obey they get more control over our lives and if we don’t they get more money to use to get even more control and/or more of our money.  It’s a vicious circle and the issue of individual liberty gets put on the back burner.  After all if I am not wearing my seat belt and am catapulted out of my car I might fly through the air like a missile through someone else’s windshield and I might not have liability insurance and I might not have major medical insurance and I might not be able to pay an ambulance to take me to the hospital and the person I hit might not have any of those things either and then it costs the taxpaying public to pay for it all.  Why, because government decided that it is for the public good to subsidize stupidity.  I wear the seat belt because I am not stupid but it really irks me to be forced to choose between liberty and security.  I call that being put between a rock and a hard place especially when it does not have to be that way.

There really are two sure things in life and that is, death (which we are taxed for) and taxes.  That is why I don’t understand why people don’t vote in elections where only state constitutional amendments or new laws are on the ballot,  then complain when they find out they have lost more personal freedom.  Last November we had such an election here in Texas.  In our county only about 1% of the population went to the polls.  It is no wonder our nation is becoming more like a European Socialist state and no longer resembles the representative Republic our founders established.  The public has been nudged into believing government needs to take care of and protect us from everything including ourselves and are willing to have government rob from Peter to pay Paul.  That part of human nature that causes people to prove they can do something they have been told they cannot do has been skewed to the point of not even trying in way too many areas where our personal lives are concerned.

Some might call me a nit picker over the seat belt law and it is tiny in comparison to all the other egregious stunts government continues to pull on us but it also is an example of how something seemingly harmless mushrooms into a direct assault on the God-given rights of life, liberty and freedom of individuals to pursue their own happiness, even if they choose to be idiots.

Grace and Peace to all in the hope that Liberty survives!  Thankfully, this world is not my home and I’m just passing through to a much better place and I got one of my Christmas wishes!  A White Christmas!  Buckle up y’all we are in for a ride…….



  1. I feel the same way about those laws! That whole “public good” thing is nothing more than a thin veiled attempt to make us subjects, not citizens.

    I hope you enjoy your White Christmas, and many blessings to you and yours!

  2. I agree about the laws, only another way for them to “legally” steal from me.

  3. FOH,

    Somebody sent me that tongue joke and I was able to do it and see the ceiling. Now I’m wondering what that makes me? Something out of the alien group or what?

    Every time a new rule comes down the road from our gubmint you know it’s going to be a tax. If we all knew just how many hidden taxes were on us, we’d probably faint or maybe have another rebellion. I think things are getting worse now than they were under King George and we need a new George Washington.

  4. I am beginning to seriously believe that liberty will actually survive. Pretty scary to me.

    Appreciated this post very much. The seat belt commentary is spot-on, foh.

    • Thanks mrs AL! Scary and frustrating!

  5. Good ol’ Ben Franklin. That is one of my favorites!


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