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The Corruption of America

The Corruption of America.

The title  of this post and the link provided is from Porter Stansberry, an investment adviser .  I found it to be interesting and insightful even though I am not an investor in the stock market.  So why do I subscribe to his news letters?  Simple, even though I don’t have the kind of money it takes to afford the risk of investing in stocks, etc., I find that watching what the other half is doing and how they are doing helps me to know what is coming for ordinary folks like myself.

I learned early in life that if the rich aren’t getting richer the poor will certainly get poorer.  Observation and imitation of the successful practices of the successful even on a tiny scale always produces better personal results as opposed to envy and government assisted theft of the fruit of someone else’s labor which only enslaves people to total government control.  Kinda like knowing when to hold ’em and knowing when to fold ’em.

Amassing a great fortune has never been at the top of my priority list but meeting my obligations responsibly is.  Normally I prefer to fly under the radar.  So why did I start writing and publishing this blog?  The answer is simple.  I have a lot of stuff on my mind and it varies from day-to-day.  I find that confirmation through the comments, ideas and opinions of other people increases my confidence that I am not alone out here in ‘flyover’ country.  So thank you for expanding my education and information, it helps me to see a bigger picture!

Grace and Peace to all my readers for a very Merry Christmas and a good outcome in 2012.  “There’s always next year”, is what we farmers say when things don’t go as planned.



  1. FOH,

    I like your articles very much because I never know what you’ll be talking about. It’s just like having a friend around all the time and just chatting about what’s on one’s mind.

    I also enjoy you coming over to our Friday’s fun fest and joining in the fun and making it a better story telling place. Your stories are hilarious and you help bring some humor into an otherwise mad, mad world right now.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours too! I don’t put my Christmas blog up until tomorrow.
    Sending you big hugs for the holidays.

    • Thanks pepper, Big Hugs right back atcha!

  2. A terrific, and heartfelt, article. I enjoyed it very much.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    • Thank you! Merry Christmas to you and yours too!

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