whatever is on my mind….

just call me MeMe…

I got my name when our first granddaughter finally named me at the age of 18 months.  I was 36 years old at the time and my oldest daughter and husband decided that I would be ‘Granny‘.   My response was I don’t care what this baby calls me just as long as she ‘calls me’.   At about 12 months this newest family member had ‘named’ everyone in the family except me.  She never even attempted to say ‘Granny’ even though that is how I was referred to by the rest of the clan.  Then one day I was keeping her and we went to town to buy groceries.  On the way home she said, “Look MeMe, cows!”  I wasn’t as excited about seeing the cows as she was.  The only thing I heard was my new name, MeMe!  I pulled the car over on the shoulder and hugged her and thanked her for giving me my grandmother handle!  From that day forward I have been MeMe and it is the best name ever and that moment in time is forever etched in my memory!

That little girl is now 26 years old and has blessed us with our first great-grandchild.  When he calls me ‘MeMe’ it is even sweeter.  We also have a 20-year-old grandson and two more granddaughters ages 3 and 1 year.  All of them are the joy of my life and being their MeMe is the best thing ever, along with being married to their Poppa, of course, and having two wonderful daughters, the best son-in-law ever as well as a wonderful grand son-in-law is icing on the cake.

Having them all together with us is what makes us happiest, keeps us young and completes our joy in this life.  Getting older has it’s challenges to be sure but knowing that we have all these wonderful people there for us makes it easier to transition to the new and unfamiliar territory of being classified as a ‘senior citizen‘, otherwise known as ‘old farts’, LOL!

I don’t think ‘aging gracefully’ is in the cards for me though because even though I may look like a senior citizen, in my mind I am still 18 with a lot of dreams to fulfill, opinions to share and wisdom to impart.  I plan to slide in sideways yelling ‘WooHoo!” at the end of this ride!



  1. FOH,

    This is such a sweet story. And like you I still feel about 20. I won’t take any of this “senior” stuff. LOL!

    • Thanks pepper. No I don’t cotton to the ‘senior citizen’ label too well! At least not the part about aging gracefully, LOL!

  2. I feel younger now than I did 10 years ago!
    My daughter calls my mom Grammy…. but when she was learning to talk she said Gaga. My step dad…. Bubba. She said it as one word, “Love you Gagabubba!”

    • Grandkids are amazing little critters!

  3. Beth

    You totally rock MEME! I still get excited about cows. 🙂 Love you to the moon and back!

    • You totally rock too sweetie! Thank you for my name! I love you to the moon and back ten times ten!!!

  4. thedrpete

    I suggest, ladies, referring to yourselves not as “seniors” or “senior citizens”, but rather as “chronologically-gifted”.

    • It’s not my age that bothers me, it’s the attitude that I must act my age! I do like you term better dr pete!

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