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a Sunday surprise…

I got up a little after 5 this morning, got me a cup of coffee and did my morning ritual.  Reading the news online, doing a crossword online, checking the obits (glad to see my name wasn’t listed), then on to Facebook.  While catching up with what all my friends had been up to, the chat popped up.  It was a young friend of ours stationed in Afghanistan.  We had a short chat of  just small talk.  He got to see the lunar eclipse yesterday morning and said that it was awesome.  He has 5 months left there and is counting down the days.  I can’t even imagine the stress he faces everyday and told him once again that he and all those serving are constantly in my prayers.  He said that the ‘drone thing’ in Iran has him and all who are ‘over there’ working overtime.   All of us here at home have such a big debt of gratitude to these brave men and women.   Small things mean so much to them and just saying ‘thank you’ seems trivial to me.

None of us know what the future holds but making the most of every day has even more meaning for my young friend….

Grace and Peace to all this Sunday as we spend it without fear of molestation….




  1. Doc

    “For those who have fought for it freedom has a sweet taste the protected will never know”
    Nuff said!

  2. primewords

    I’m a Vietnam era veteran and you are right, letting our men and women in the military know we are thinking about them and appreciate what they are doing means a lot to them; they already feel isolated from their home, family friends, and the rest of the world for that matter. Thank you is a simple gesture that means a lot.
    J Owens

  3. thedrpete

    I’d like this man and all of our military brought home immediately.

    • He would very much agree with you dr pete

  4. I’m with drpete. I want to see all our troops brought home where they belong.

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