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When you become the parent to a parent….

This morning as we sat across from each other at our shared desk, my husband and I both started laughing at the same time.  He was paying his mother‘s bills and I was sorting out my mother’s bank statement, trying to arrive at a correct balance so I could pay her bills.  We wondered how many years we have until our kids are trying to keep us in line.

My mother just decided this week that she didn’t feel like paying bills.  Not that I blame her with everything else she is dealing with, and at 82 some things just get left by the wayside because she forgets.  I found the latest bank statement in the trash can, finally, after two days of searching.  Finding all her bills is another story.  Suffice it to say, they are stashed in various and sundry places.  I am quickly finding out that retaining one’s sense of humor is necessary to retain sanity.

My sweet husband is relieving me of making the daily trek to the cancer center for mother’s treatment, so that I can get her financial business sorted out.  I can sign checks on her account but didn’t want to do that until I was certain she had funds to cover what I was paying.  I sure don’t need writing hot checks added to my stress level!  LOL!!!  See I am laughing as I go along!

One thing she does not misplace are all the Publisher’s Clearing House entries, as well as other less reputable sweepstakes telling her she has won large sums of money, but requiring payment of fees to claim the prizes.  I discovered this several months ago, too late to prevent her being scammed to the tune of over $3000.00 and that is just the ones I know about.  She would use those checks we all get from credit card companies, write them to herself, cash them and buy money orders at the post office and mail them to God only knows where.  Then she would get a call saying she needed to send more money, which she continued to do.  I have been unable, along with all her friends, to convince her that if you have really won something you don’t have to pay to get it.  It got kinda hard to remember the sense of humor rule for a time……

Time for some more humor, cancer center just called to say the radiation machine is down today and they don’t know when or if it will be back up in time for mother’s appointment.  I told them that we would see them tomorrow.  So then, I had to call my husband who had already left to pick her up, thankfully they hadn’t left town.  Just about the time you think you have a schedule down pat, something else comes along, LOL (again).

Now I am just wondering, “Did I get all of our own bills paid?”  Better go look…..

Grace and Peace to all no matter what the day brings!



  1. FOH,

    I see you are maintaining your sense of humor quite well considering what you are going through and that is a good thing. Thank God for your husband who can take some of the burden from you.

    My Mom has been dead for almost 10 years now, but I recall being a parent to her almost all my life. When my dad walked away one day and we found he was gone when she and I arrived home from work, I had to take my Mother through all the steps on how to not only pay and electric bill but how to read one. She had never done any bills married to my father and she had no idea how to write a check either.

    God keep you in good humor and bless you.

    • Thanks pepper! My Mom does know how to write a check! She just doesn’t remember what and electric bill is. I know my day will come and just pray my children can keep me in line! LOL!

  2. “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”
    — e. e. cummings

  3. James

    I use to do that for my father. His was not quite as bad as no one could get him to believe he had won anything and to send them money to collect it. He was a WW II vet and a depression era kid who could make Lincoln scream if you know what I mean.
    Hes been gone for a over a year and the thing I miss most is hearing all the stories I had heard a thousand times before and never got tired of hearing, Even those he told my wife that made me red faced.
    Love you dad, and tell God I love him also because I know he is setting there with you.

    The Town Hall poster formerly known as Doc.


    • Hi Doc! I do know about making Lincoln scream! My Mom has always prided herself as being a Scotchman, so it really surprises me that she has fallen for the scams. I remember some of your posts concerning your Dad from the TH days. Merry Christmas!

      • Doc

        And the same to you and yours darling!

    • willibeaux

      Is that you Gunslinger? I remember you used harass the “looootnant kernal” from Scranton and Ranger Wobbie relentlessly on TH!

      Both of them are present among the missing. HooRah!

      • Doc

        missing like his brain? ahahahahaha
        How yas doing beaux?

      • Doc

        besides willie I am sure he is at the “occupy” movement in what ever city he lives in. he will fit right in with the rest of the smelly hippies. IF he comes out of mommy’s basement long enough that is. AHAHAHAHAHAHA

        “For those who have fought for it freedom has a sweet taste the protected will never know”

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