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Perfection, Procrastination, Prevarication

Being a perfectionist is a good thing sometimes but for me it all too often leads to procrastination.  That old adage, ‘a job worth doing is worth doing right’, leads me to put off chores or even fun stuff when there isn’t time to do it the way I think it should be done.  Then to salve my guilty conscience I have to tell myself that not doing something now is better than doing it halfway, prevarication.  The answer I have recently discovered is the ‘I can do anything for 15 minutes’ concept.  Spending just 15 minutes on something that either needs to be done or something you actually want to do is so refreshing.  Giving myself permission to do ‘something’ as opposed to just doing ‘nothing’ has begun to give me a sense of peace and even accomplishment.  I discovered this method at http:\\

Less clutter means that I actually have the time to spend actually cleaning something like the top of my refrigerator.  Being an altitudinally challenged (short) person, I never see the top of the fridge unless I am standing on a chair, which rarely happens as I am also a person who likes to keep my feet planted firmly on the ground.  You can see how many challenges I face!

Another thing I have always had a problem doing is planning.  My alter ego’s name is Scarlett, as in O’Hara from Tara.  Flying by the seat of my pants means that when I decide I have time to do something, I rarely have the stuff I need to do it, which means a trip to town to get the stuff, which leads to me dreaming up more stuff I need while I am at the ‘gettin’ place’.  By the time I get back home the thing I decided I had time to do has become but a faded memory of the past and it is time to think about what’s for supper.  Did I mention cooking is not my long suit…..

I love to paint but that requires that ALL my other chores be done because sitting at an easel is purely for pleasure and you just don’t do that unless everything else is covered first.  It just seems so self-indulgent.  Here I go again, procrastination.   I haven’t actually overcome this obstacle yet but I am working on it.  My goal for 2012 (planning) is to complete at least 6 paintings.  I have everything I need, canvases, paint, and ideas of the subject matter.  Wish me luck!

Recently, that is a lie, I should say over 3 years ago I decided to turn our spare bedroom into the grand baby room because our youngest daughter was expecting their first child and we were so excited for them to finally have a baby after being married for 15 years!  This was to be and she is a very special child.  My vision of the room has had to change because then our granddaughter gave birth to our first great-grandchild, a little boy, also a very special child.  Then our oldest daughter, grandmother of our great-grandson,  surprised us with another granddaughter, you guessed it another very special child.  So now, three years later I have a room that needs a very special makeover!  I ordered new window coverings, bedding, rug and paint for the walls.  I am toying with the idea of a mural too.  I think after the daily trips to the cancer center with my Mom, I will be able to finally realize the room I envisioned.  A special place for special babies to play and sleep when we are privileged to babysit!

Having a perfectly happy world where I don’t put off pleasure, then tell myself that is the responsible thing to do is such a novel concept for this perfectionist turned ‘half-done Polly’, a term that my upbringing forbade.

Grace and Peace to relish the moment, it is fleeting.



  1. I, too, will often put things off until I can “do them right”- sometimes it works to my advantage and someone else just does it for me! Sometimes though, cleaning the shower just gets harder the longer you put it off!

    • I hear ya! That is why I am learning to love Flylady. Great tools and motivation! Disclaimer: I don’t make anything by recommending.

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