whatever is on my mind….

I can do anything for 15 minutes…..

Sometimes that means that at the end of 15 minutes I immediately start another 15 minutes.  It takes 5 of those sessions to drive from home to the big city, did I mention I hate to drive, especially in the big city?  Doing it 5 days a week is a challenge, but my new 15 minute rule is helping immensely!

One of the reasons I have to play mind games with myself is because I am spoiled rotten!  Since 2004 when I quit my 8 to 5 J O B…I have had the luxury of becoming the hermit I always wanted to be.  I love being at home!  So, coming out of my very comfortable zone requires me to fool myself into doing what has to be done.

For me, being at home is like being constantly hugged.  It is the most peaceful, loving, happy place I have found on this planet.   I am very thankful, at this time of  what, for me, is a great challenge that I have this refuge to come back to and recharge.  No, home is not the house we live in, it is where ever my husband is.  When we are together, that is home.

On days like today, he will be making this daily journey with me and it will be an easy, happy day.  Wednesdays are chemo day, the long day for my Mom at the cancer center.  I am thankful that for her she has no real concept of time, that she isn’t in pain and that we are able to see that she has what she needs.

I am thankful that life has given me exactly what I need at the precise time I need it most.  It is a sad time of worry, anxiety and uncertainty offset by family, love and strength from above!

Grace and Peace for strength to face today….

Where I learned the 15 minute concept….





  1. That 15 minute concept sounds ideal! Hubby has asked me why I don’t mind moving with the Army so much, when we are forced to leave our home. I told him I go where he goes, for that is home 🙂

    • Glad you and hubby have that ‘I’m home feeling’! Yep, FLYlady is da bomb!

  2. Judy

    I often think of how hard it is for you to be the only child that shoulders the responsibility of seeing about Odell but you have done a wonderful job and I hope she sees that. I too have found that if I break my time up into segements it isn’t as hard to stand what I am doing. How ironic, I too am spoiled to home but now instead of having my one true love here I have a JOB. The job isn’t so bad, the not being at home is. Prayers for you and your family continue. I am so blessed that now our families share kids.

    • Thank you Judy, I too feel the blessing we share of sharing our children. They are truly amazing and such a blessing. I feel humbled to have so many blessings. I think of you often and know what a support your children and all those wonderful grandchildren are. You are such a strong and amazing Mom, your children are evidence of the love that created them!

      The prayers are much appreciated and needed. Mom is tolerating the treatment fairly well physically but she has lots of problems in the cognitive department.

  3. 15 minutes works for me! I will try it!
    I also like the being at home is like being hugged concept. Home is definitely my favorite place!

    • It is so good to hear that so many others feel the way I do about HOME! Many of my female friends think I have lost my mind because I stay home every moment possible.

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