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looking ahead 2012

Yesterday our family had our Thanksgiving gathering.  We have much to be thankful for even in this year of severe drought.   My Mom and our sweet Mary who is our ‘honorary’ grandmother were able to join us for the celebration of our blessings, which in itself blessed the whole family.  Just sitting back and watching my family, the little ones playing and laughing, all the good food and fun in the home of our youngest daughter brought much peace.

Today I am in a reflective mood.  Having 4 days off from traveling to the cancer center has been good.  I have been looking forward to the new year, hoping that some of the trials of 2011 will be over with.  Uncertainty about the future and what it holds has caused a lot of apprehension.  A lot of prayer and meditation is my solace.  I have my sweet family for support and cannot imagine how I would get through this season of trial without them, especially my partner and very best friend.

I have been struggling to write lately.  For sure, there is plenty to opine about especially in the political arena but find that I am unable to focus on the overwhelming national debacle at this time due to the sense that there is not much I can do, other than continue to be informed and vote.

I pray that our families will prosper, our nation will heal and that vigilance will return to the people of this country along with faith in God and the vision of our founders.

Grace and Peace to you all during this season of thankfulness and the celebration of the birth of the Prince of Peace!



  1. thedrpete

    I am glad for your Thanksgiving weekend, FOH. Our house emptied this morning, but only after much shared thanksgiving.

  2. I am happy to hear you had such a wonderful holiday. I feel the same as you….not being able to even consume politics as I am used to doing. I guess everyone burns out and needs a recharge. You have a lot on your plate, dear, so don’t worry about finding the motivation to write about idiotarians and politics. Just take care of you and yours 🙂

    We can wait!

    • Thank you so much Y, you seem to have found the exact words I needed to hear! Best to you and your family for a wonderful Christmas season!

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