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A little confession is good…

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I should be ashamed that something I don’t do on a regular basis is something that is disgraceful for a wife, mother and grandmother who claims to love her family above all else.  Yet, here I am confessing.


Husband (just came in the back door):  “What’s for lunch?”

Me:  “I am going to town.”

I can cook and have been told that I am a good cook.  Sometimes I enjoy it, like at Thanksgiving and Christmas and family birthdays, but on a daily basis…..not so much!

I am trying to convince my husband that a kitchen makeover would greatly improve my attitude.  I really, really think that it would, but who knows!



  1. Beth

    I agree. A new makeover and a new cookbook would hit the spot i do believe.

  2. Oh my goodness … on second thought, what’s loving your family have to do with whether you like to cook or not? I don’t see a correlation. Believe me … my husband did not marry me for my money or prowess in the kitchen. He’s still a better chef type person than I will ever be. At least you have been told you ARE a good cook.

    Great post, foh, and here’s hoping you get your kitchen makeover. Have you considered making it over into a den?

    • Good idea Mrs Al! I have always said my dream home would be one with no stove, only the fridge to keep the beer cold!.

      • FOH,

        What a confession. I’m just blushing at your coming out of the closet and admitting you don’t want to cook all the time!

        LOL! I don’t cook at all anymore. My husband does all the cooking. Now I at times feel like I’m being a terribly bad wife by not doing my “duty”. But he loves to cook. I cooked for 55 years of my life starting at age 8. To be honest, I’m sick of it. Quite frankly, I can’t stand it any more.

        So, one day the Hawk just started doing it knowing he’d never eat if he had to depend on me.

        Believe me, kitchen makeovers don’t work. We did that right away in this old farmhouse. That makeover gave me a year of blissful cooking and then it ended.

        So I’d do what Mrs. Al suggested, make a den instead. With a nice big fireplace to cook marshmallows over when the kids come down.

    • Mrs. Al,

      Hee, hee, a den! You crack me up.

  3. thedrpete

    A long long time ago . . . I was a professional cook and chef. Wherever I go, therefore, among family and friends I’m asked to either consult or particpate.

    Given as well that after years of practice and self-denial to achieve such status, I have become a “kept man”, I am our household ‘s chief shopper, launderer, and cook and bottle washer. We have also just completed a kitchen makeover.

    Let me bring together our home lives and our political adventures. I recommend a kitchen makeover, like countertops, downlighting, even refrigeration, and wall treatments. Then, let me discourage in the strongest-possible terms replacing an oven and cooktop, even if your current unit is disfunctional. D.C. three-letter-acronym-regulatory agencies have dictated that cooking equipment protect us from ourselves.

    If meat enters the oven, it will be shoe leather or a hockey puck in seconds. If a roux is started on the cooktop — burner set to the stop on “low” — it will be ashes in a nanosecond. That’s the bad news. Good news? No bacteria living within a hundred miles.

    For our upcoming Thanksgiving crowd, I’ll depend on our outdoor grill –rain, snow, or shine — to slow-roast the bird. The new expensive oven cannot be trusted.

    Day-to-day I’m with y’all. Tough to focus and be creative, and invest the time.

    • I would love to do all that dr pete for sure. I am hoping after we get past my Mom’s ordeal that I can get back being focused and creative. Right now I am like a plow horse, got my blinders on, just looking at where I gotta go. We start the 6 days a week for 7 weeks next Tuesday.

      Since my current stove is a free standing all electric and I really want gas, I may have to check into some good used ones, like before the government ruined them. I like my beef medium rare. Of course my husband does a great job on the grill, rain or shine!

  4. I redid the counters and the backsplash, and would kill for my old gas stove from the previous home.

    New pots, new dishes, all that will give you a temporary jolt into chefdom, but if it’s not your thing, it will just fizzle out.

    But your kitchen will look gooooooood!! 😀

    • well if I have to have a kitchen, one that looks good would be a good thing, LOL

  5. My mom has that sign in her kitchen. She lives alone and really doesn’t cook. She eats out a lot, brings home leftovers and eats frozen food. I love to cook…. most of the time…. but understand that there are days when “have to get dinner on the table” is a terrible feeling. Prayers for you and your mom during this tough time.

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