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Fall Back!

We get to set our clocks back to Standard Time today.  I look forward to this day every year so I can get that hour back that I lost last spring.  I suppose there is some reason in some government bureaucracy for the change but I really wish it would be left one way or the other.  About the time my inner clock gets used to DST we go back to CST.  A minor aggravation I suppose but just another example of government control over ‘we the people’.  Problem is that the minor aggravations are becoming major infringements on person liberty.

Another clock that bothers me is that National Debt clock!  Have you seen that thing fly at something like $2million a second?  That may be an exaggeration but not by much, I bet.  Future generations are going to be wondering if we all had our heads up ‘you know where’ for allowing our leaders to spend what they (our kids) haven’t had a chance to earn yet.   Another thing, you know those cuts the ‘super committee’ is supposed to come up with….not real cuts, just cuts in proposed spending over ten years.  I think they need to go back to high school and take a course in double entry bookkeeping, maybe even something more simple like balancing a check book!

Then there is my biological clock, can’t blame this on government.  Drats!!!!  Good thing I have grandchildren to keep me laughing!  We gave our grand-daughter an easel and paint pallet for her 3rd birthday a couple of weeks ago.  She titled her first painting, “Big Punkin”.   When she decided that it was finished she announced to her mother, “Wait til Meme sees my painting.  It’s beautiful!  She gonna lub it!”  She was right, I do LUB it!  Her Mommy said, “I thought you painted this for me”  to which she replied, “No….Meme”.  Her Daddy had the same reply when he tried to talk her into letting him keep it.  I can assure her Mommy and Daddy that it will be safe with me and they will one day inherit it!

"Big Punkin"

Did I mention that the punkin is blue and it is wearing a cowboy hat?  I lub lub lub it!



  1. thedrpete

    Beeee-uuu-tiful punkin! Quit complaining, FOH. The time change is for the cows.

  2. willibeaux

    These “works of art” are priceless. We have saved several over the years from children, grandchildren and great grand children.

    They were all done in love. 🙂

    • Aren’t they just wonderful reminders!

  3. FOH,

    What a beautiful painting by your 3 yr old grand child!

    Of course these are works of art and I too have them all over my house. I keep every last one of them as each are precious to me.

    Lovely story.

    • Grandchildren are the best!

      • FOH,

        Nothing better for one’s soul! I thought I could never love another baby was as beautiful as my son when he was born until his daughter, Anna, was born. Then, I was overwhelmed with her beautiful, fresh, innocent baby face. I told my son this and he said, “that’s OK Mom since it’s my daughter”. Such a sweet memory for me.

      • Every baby is special!

  4. Zane's Momma

    Great post, Momma!!!

  5. Have that matted and framed, FOH. It’s beautiful 🙂

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