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First things first…

the early bird gets the worm, a stitch in time saves nine, what goes up must come down, all good adages but when it comes to our national debt debacle, the clash of competing ideologies, the endless array of special interests and the unwillingness of politicians and the national media to tell the truth, it has become increasingly difficult to chart the right path.  Self preservation is instinctual, all humans have it.  National preservation requires more than just instinct.  It requires historical knowledge to understand how America became the land of the free and the home of the brave and the fortitude to fight for it.  I am looking for the first thing, so I can be the early bird because I am not a good seamstress and I love climbing but hate coming down.

The cause of all the chaos is being ignored.  There is no longer what I call  ‘polite society’.   Where once people at the least wanted to appear to posses a good character and reputation,  society as a whole has been demoralized to the point where all conduct, no matter how debased, is to be tolerated unless that conduct happens to be politically incorrect and truthful, this is where the tolerance abruptly ends.

America’s population is about 300 million, approximately 40% of voting age people are conservative, about 40% liberal and about 20% somewhere in the middle.  So most things get decided on a national level by which direction the wind blows those fence sitters.  It is very frustrating that matters of great importance are ultimately decided by people with no firmly set core principles, who are easily offended or swayed on a whim.

We are at a tipping point nationally and the 2012 election will send us either firmly down the path of Socialism winding up at Communism or on a long and arduous journey away from it that will not be accomplished by any one human in four short years.  How long the onslaught of Socialism can be contained will be up to the mindset of the ‘wishy washy’ and the growing numbers of people who buy into the whole “I deserve what you have just because you have it and I don’t” mindset …….frustrating!

The only way I know of to deal with it on a personal level is to live life according to the principles I hold dear, to grow my faith in God and share it with family, friends as well as strangers, to assist the raising and education of the next generation (specifically my grandchildren) who are the best hope for a brighter future and to share what I have with those who are truly hurting.

I write about what is on my mind, mostly for my own personal benefit as I seek to maintain the clarity and focus needed to continue to deal with life’s every day joys, problems, duties and responsibilities.  Realizing that I can control only some of the personal everyday challenges and deal with the rest as they present themselves.  Finding time to stop and smell the roses, watch the amazing sunsets,  gaze at the stars, play silly games with my grand babies and savor every moment spent with my best friend and partner is what keeps me sane.

As always discussion is encouraged.  We can learn from one another.

Grace and Peace until the next time!



  1. willibeaux

    FW! Excellent examples for believers to follow. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the small stuff we forget the bigger picture.

    Hope your mom is doing okay.

    • thanks williebeaux…we go tomorrow to find out the plan of treatment for her

  2. willibeaux said it more eloquently than I could have so, Ditto willibeaux’s comment, foh! Will be looking for news about your Mother.

    • I will post updates on my Mom. We should find out the treatment plan today.

  3. thedrpete

    I think — not that I’m right, but I think — that the “tipping point” was 111 years ago. In 2012 — and this is only if we’re darn lucky — we’ll be hanging off the proverbial cliff, hanging onto it by the nail of one pinky while buffeted by gale-force winds. Even if in November of 2012 the elections results are spectacular, each of us will still have to somehow climb back atop the cliff while still buffeted by those gale-force winds and facing a slippery uphill slope.

    • yes, I think you are right!

    • FOH,

      I completely agree with drpete’s description of where we will be. Sad, but true IMHO.

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