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Losing the Economic Battle | The Weekly Standard

Losing the Economic Battle | The Weekly Standard.



  1. thedrpete

    A tsunami offers no warning until the very last second as it approaches shore, your shore.

  2. Great article, foh. Thanx for posting this. Like the snow we got here (12-13 inches), we had forewarning of the storm itself, but the weather people did not accurately predict the amount we would get. D.C. is willing to risk all our hard work for what … an election in order to retain power over a dying country. Pathetic.

  3. FOH

    Thanks to Glenn Beck and his TV show on Fox for several years he predicted this very situation a long time ago. No surprise here. Beck warned and warned people to stock up on food, water, paper goods, whatever was needed then. It won’t be available when the entire world economy crashes which appears right now to be a certainty. Unless, somehow, by some miracle, some candidate replaces BHO and pulls us from the brink of destruction.

    BHO is in his glory, his chin jutted up high, as he rules over the destruction of the US, his main and only goal. We are almost there. We are inches away from doom.

    • There is much damage and we have been on this road even before Obama. Since 2008 we have accelerated at almost warp speed (old treky here). 2012 is only the first step back and one imperfect human being cannot undo in 4 short years what must be undone. Americans today have short attention spans and demand instant gratification.

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