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Can You Relate? part 2

you can put me on a post but....

From the perspective of the turtle on the post, I am definitely out of my comfort zone.  Being put in danger is not comfortable.

There is, however, more to the story.  As an American conservative who believes in individual liberty, being betrayed by fellow citizens who have become nothing more than useful idiots of the liberal progressive left, not only my liberty but the liberty of my children and grand children is threatened by forces that I did not put in place, do not agree with and have no empathy for, and Momma don’t allow no messing with my babies.  While I was doing what most conservatives historically do, minding and taking care of my own business, others were busily working to put an end to the form of government that has provided the most opportunity to the most people in the history of the world.  The freedom to dream and the freedom to work to achieve that dream has made America the richest, most powerful and the most benevolent nation ever.

Elites on the Left can’t abide the thought of the unwashed masses rising out of  the depths of poverty and ignorance through their own efforts to come and take a place at their table and heaven forbid buy and live in the house next door.  Yet, they have convinced people that only through government’s largess can they have even a portion of their dream.  The real goal is to control those they consider beneath them.  By throwing them just enough crumbs to give them hope that soon they will be invited to sit at the table.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

They have distorted our history, polluted the minds of generations, changed the meaning of  Faith, Hope and Charity, secularized institutions, preached tolerance while practicing intolerance and become wealthy because they practiced capitalism while preaching its demise, not for themselves mind you, just for those they don’t want to ever rub shoulders with.

Yes, I can relate to the turtle on the post but that doesn’t mean that I plan to stay in that position because I can still dream the impossible dream and make it happen as long as there are others unwilling to accept a position they did not ask for and don’t deserve who will stand together and refuse to fall in line…… Luther Vandross – Impossible Dream



  1. FOH,

    Here is how I look at the turtle on the post. OK, someone put me up there. I am not sure how to get down by myself, but since adversity has been with me for my entire life, and I have had to rely on every resource I have within myself; plus use every bit of thinking I can muster up with with the intellect I have, I will figure out how to get off that post without anyone helping me. No doubt in my mind whatsoever.

    Too many times I’ve faced utterly catastrophic events in my life and I have pulled myself through them, come high water or hell, and I will do it now with the help of God as I have always done.

    Now, that might just sound a bit too simplistic for some of your other more erudite readers, but I have brains, guts, persistence, and conviction. I don’t know but that is how I have gotten through life. I have never allowed anyone to stop me no matter what. I do not make myself a victim. I ignore those who want to do so. I pay no attention, and plodding along like a turtle I get there.

    The so called elites on the left can do whatever they want to secularize our country which I hate, but they will never be able to control what i say in my heart and head, my prayers. They can’t read that. So they are at a disadvantage.

    They may not want me living next to them, as I am one of the unwashed masses, but since I don’t care to begin with it matters not to me what they think.

    And as far as our children go and our grand children go it is up to us, as it has always been, if you indeed wanted to be a good parent, teach and guide your child, to be taught the truth. And that is something we can do. They cannot stop that either.

    The worst they can do is shoot me because I want freedom. If I cannot have my liberties and my freedom I do not see any reason to continue to be on this earth. Let them shoot me. And our children and grand children will have to fight or give in. That will be their choice. All we can do is lead them to the right road and hope they will remain on it. After we are dead, we cannot help them anyway.

    God bless you and keep you safe.

    • I think your attitude is a good one pepper.

      • FOH,

        Thanks. We can only do what we can. We can work hard to get things back to what they were, but we may not be able to change everything in our later years. There just is not enough time to fix all the damage. The younger people will have to do that and I hope and pray a lot of them are receiving wisdom from their elders.

  2. willibeaux

    Keep your powder dry and sleep with one eye open. 🙂

    • 🙂 thanks willie

    • Good one and necessary today, unfortunately. Problem is I just can’t keep that one eye open for very long. Got the powder part covered.

  3. Very well done, foh. You have summed up in short order may of the frustrations I feel as well.

    And here is my favorite idea from your post: “While I was doing what most conservatives historically do, minding and taking care of my own business, others were busily working to put an end to the form of government that has provided the most opportunity to the most people in the history of the world.” Pithy and to the point.

    • It is good to know there are others who share the frustrations Mrs. AL.

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