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Forty-five years ago today I married my best friend!  That friendship is the glue that has kept us together and that continues to sustain what we consider to be a wonderful life.  Success has many definitions depending on who you ask.  A lot of folks might look at us and wonder what we have to be so happy about.  True, we are not rich in the economic sense but then we never aspired to be rich, although I have bought a few lottery tickets.  Yes, wealth would be nice because we could do much more for our family and others that are less fortunate but you can do a lot of good things even if you aren’t rich.

Fortunes come and go but true love is the most valuable possession, if you can call it a possession, that we have.  We have been fortunate to be able to do a lot of things we want to do.  We plan to do some traveling over the next few years, hopefully more than just a few, trying out fishing holes that we haven’t found yet and visiting places that we have read about.

We find it hard to believe that it has really been 45 years.  The time has literally flown by and each passing year seems to take less and less time to turn into the next one.   Mentally we are still 18, full of hopes and dreams, planning the things we want to accomplish.  Physically, we get a lot of wake up calls that we are not as young as we once were but that doesn’t deter us from taking on some new project.

We are do-it-yourselfers, from home remodeling to car repairs, to landscaping or pond building.  If something perks our interest we will give it a try.   I have some tales about those adventures that I may tell you about someday.

Bottom line is that age is not a factor in remaining madly in love.  It gets even better with each passing day, year and decade.  I think if more folks could be lucky enough to find it, this world would be a much happier place.

Grace and Peace to all, we wish you love!

Simon & Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water



  1. Awwww, too sweet and too right, FOH!! I still remember the story about you going drag racing with your hubby. That takes true love 😉

  2. willibeaux

    Congratulations! Many many more years of happiness. 😉

  3. christie

    Happy anniversary to the most awesome couple on the planet! You’ve set a wonderful example for a lot of people….including me and my beloved husband! Thanks Momma and Daddy!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. FOH! Ok, I am a little late. What strikes me (given your previous post, this post and the comments made) is that you and your husband person share those base values that bind you together and at the same time there are enough differences between you to keep your relationship interesting.

  5. thedrpete

    Happy 45th anniversary, FOH, albeit even a skosh later than Mrs. AL..

  6. FOH,

    Happy 45th!! Your article about you and your husband is outstanding. I so wish we all had what you have, Flyover. I know I do. I thought I did with my first husband of 23 years and that did not turn out to be the case. I thought we would be together forever to the end. So much of what you wrote reminded me of my X and me.

    I am, of course, remarried for 4 years to a wonderful man, but we do not have all those precious memories together to look back on and celebrate.

    Wishing you ongoing happiness and success in your marriage as I am sure it will be.

  7. Apollyon67

    Ah, the Wealth of Friendship. That is something a rich man cannot buy and is worth more than all the treasures of earth.

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