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Last night while listening to FOX commentary on the latest Republican debate with Frank Luntz and the responses he got from Republican voters about the candidates I began to wonder about why even though most of them had positive opinions about Herman Cain, they still thought that Romney‘s political experience outweighed Cain’s practical experience in performing the duties of  POTUS.

Have we as a nation, forgotten that our founders had never established a nation before?  Yet, they gave us the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Where are our priorities?  Even though most people have low opinions of professional politicians,  the political resume still outweighs character, reputation and practical experience of candidates running in national elections.

One of the main comments made by several in Luntz’s group was that Romney looks Presidential.  Who looks Presidential?  George Washington had wooden false teeth and Abraham Lincoln was downright homely.  If running in this election, they would be flatly refused by the electorate.

I have a lot of issues with Romney, none of which have anything to do with his religion.  He is just too ‘slick’ for me.  I like Cain and am watching him closely.  I am very disappointed with Perry’s debate performances but still prefer him over Romney.   I see Santorem and Huntsman as a smart alecks and I am still not ready to put Bachman in charge.  Newt would do well in head to head debates with Obama but I highly doubt that Obama will agree to debate anyone.   Ron Paul would do well in the fiscal realm but when it comes to national security, I think we would be in trouble.

I know I won’t get everything I want in the Republican nomination and I will vote for whoever gets it in the Presidential election.  At this point I don’t know who has the best chance of defeating Obama.  I fully expect a lot of underhanded, back door shenanigans from the Democrats.   We already see the Democrats promoting ‘class warfare’ in their support of their ‘useful idiots’ in the Occupy Wall Street protests.  There could possibly be all out riots and widespread violence if Obama is defeated.  I don’t think that there is a coherent plan in the Republican ranks that can or will be able to deal with the Saul Alinsky bottom up, top down tactics that are being implemented by Progressive Liberal elites on the left.

I think that the integrity of the 2012 election will be in question even more than it was in 2008.  Is there a ‘perfect storm’ brewing?



  1. thedrpete

    Given the dozen national-government departments, the thousand-plus agencies, million-plus regulations that will have to be UNDONE in the first half of 2013; and given that — after weighing all contradictory arguments — i conclude that we need to bring home all troops now in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Western Europe, Afghanistan and Iraq during that same half-year; my screening template for prexy candidates leads me increasingly to rate Ron Paul higher and higher.

    • I don’t have a problem with bringing troops home from all those places but I do have a problem with not securing our borders from illegal immigration and allowing terrorist nations to obtain nuclear bombing capabilities. On another front legalizing all drugs. I would love to see the Federal Reserve abolished and/or audited and controlled.

  2. Well for random thoughts, these sure are clear as a bell to me. My compliments.
    As for the 2012 election, it will take every single concerned more conservative thinking Citizen to offset the horrendous advantage found in the larger metropolitan areas, IMO. This is going to get very ugly, especially as you noted, if the current Resident is defeated.

  3. Flyover,
    I will come back to write more on this as I consider this a really good article, but I have to go lie down. I have been up for awhile and had some other emails to take of and now I’m sick with pain from my tooth again. So I’ll be back.

    • Just FYI, I was YLG at TH 😉

      • I know Y! Love that we can still kick some cans around and that you still have (I can’t spell this) Juaquina! I think that was the name of your secret weapon, right?

  4. FOH,

    I missed the Frank Luntz group. I enjoy watching them so much I was utterly disappointed I missed that on Fox.

    I have seen the same kinds of responses from potential voters such as “Herman Cain does not have enough political experience.”

    Quoting you, ….”the political resume still outweighs character, reputation and practical experience of candidates running in national elections.”

    This same thing disturbs me too, greatly. George Washington was not a politician before he became president but a general who fought for our liberty. Did you know that only 3% of the population at that time joined in the Revolution? And they won! What a feat I must say for “unseasoned” political men. And for men who never ran a government before the document they gave us, our Constitution, still stands above and beyond anything of its’ time now and then.

    And my gosh, “looking presidential” has become an onerous statement to me more as time goes by. Just how shallow have some of us become? Looks mean more than a wise man with character, leadership ability, honesty and integrity? That does not bode well for us as a nation. That also greatly disappoints me in some of our fellow Americans.

    I do think a perfect storm is coming and it will be one of “liberty or death” in my very humble opinion.

    Like Pete, I prefer Ron Paul because he is the only one (besides Gary Johnson) who knows what the Constitution means, would uphold it, not take an oath and lie, and he has integrity and character. I can understand your fears that he would not defend us but he would, right here in our own country. He just does not want to be the policemen and nation builders of the world as we have become and is nowhere in the Constitution.

    As far as drugs are concerned I agree with him there too as the Federal government also has no enumerated powers to legislate on drugs either, but that issue could be one decided by the states on a local level by the people which was what our Founding Fathers meant when they wrote our Constitution. They never meant and did not want the Federal government to ever have the power it has. What we have now is a dictatorship, nothing is decided by the people at the State and local levels anymore. That kind of decision making and freedom has been taken away from us.

    I do not know who the candidate will end up being either, but I will hold my nose and vote most likely for someone I too am not fond of and do not really want. But, rather than have a dictator or monarchy which we have now, I will got vote.

    This is one of the most momentous elections of our history. The radical left and the socialists/commies almost have us completely in their grasp and they are not going to let go easily. I too expect some of the worst voter fraud ever and the ugliest campaign we have ever witnessed in our lifetimes. What a pity it has come to this. I just pray there are enough Americans who will stand up for freedom and liberty and not turn us over to the Saul Alinsky crowd. We do sure have a fight on our hands.

  5. “Looking presidential”…. what exactly does a prez need to look like? I mean, are they looking for a looker like JFK? This makes no freakin’ sense to me.

    I have some liberal friends. Yes, I do use the term loosely 😉 Anyway, they all unanimously prefer Romney. And their reason? Because he is moderate. That tells me all I need to know about Romney, if I wasn’t aware of his perfidies already.

    Regardless, these candidates would do well to remember who the real enemies are, and start behaving themselves with a modicum of respectability. Their cage matches are doing the work for the progressives in this battle.

    • Amen to everything you just said!! The powers that be decided a long time ago that Romney would be the nominee. I hope the electorate can surprise them, him, the left and most of all O!

    • thedrpete

      I guess Pepperhawk was first, LCAS. Abraham Lincoln was a homely man, I’m told, but “looked presidential”. George W. Bush at “Ground Zero” with a bullhorn standing atop a pile of rubble “looked presidential”. He also “looked presidential” striding to the mound to throw out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium for the World Series later that year, and also “looked presidential” throwing the pitch, a strike.

      Barack Obama NEVER “looks presidential”, even when throwing out the first pitch . . . throwing like a girl. Rick Perry “looks presidential”, until he speaks. Rudy Guliani “looked presidential”. Mitt Romney looks like a Lexus salesman. Thatcher did, and Netanyahu does “look presidential”.

      • LOL dr pete! I have a little tweek to your Romney analysis….to me he looks like a USED Lexus salesman!

    • Romney is the chosen one by the republican establishment machine. He won’t rock the boast. He is a moderate or liberal as far as I am concerned. Since the left likes him so much that is all I need to know about him. I do not care about his looks. He looks like a used car salesman to me, not even a Lexus one.

  6. Apollyon67

    The idea that holding office as a short term civic duty has gone the way of the dodo. Unfortunatly, some folks decided to make it a lucrative career, and We pay the price.

    • A hefty cut in pay and ending the lifetime retirement package might cause some of them to find other gainful employment….:-)

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