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Our first date…

was 47 years ago today.  Our 45th wedding anniversary is in 3 days and he has never ever forgotten either occasion.  There was a special card on my side of our desk this morning for this special day and we spent some time remembering.  Friendship is our foundation and romance the icing on the cake.  I woke up this morning humming ‘our song’ from back then.  Baby Love – The Supremes

Yep, it was love at first sight for both of us and we have taken a lot of ribbing over the years for being such ‘cornballs’.  But, oh well, the rewards are immeasurable.  He has never wanted to just hang with the guys and I have never wanted a girl’s night out.  What for, we always have more fun with each other than with anyone else?

Women I have worked with over the years spent a lot of time trash talking about their man.  When I didn’t make any contribution to those conversations they looked at me like I was some sort of victim of abuse, cowed into submission.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  In fact I am spoiled rotten by a husband that has always treated me like a queen.  I just smile….:-).

Oh yes, we have had some ‘bumps’ along the way but that friendship always brought us back to our senses and made the icing a lot sweeter!  After all this time we know who is best at what and accept our individual strengths and weaknesses.  He is organized and I am messy.  I have my head in the clouds and he has his feet on the ground.  He is better than I at grocery shopping, I really hate all shopping.  He has ‘a list’ and I fly by the seat of my pants.

Whatever the chemistry was, it still is and I just consider myself the luckiest duck ever!  I am an incurable romantic….fun!  The song we identify with most now is Don Williams – You’re My Best Friend






  1. Ok, I am in tears, FOH. Congrats to you both on your First Date Anniversary and your Wedding Anniversary. Like you and your husband person, we are best friends as well. We have only been married 11 (almost 12) years (unfortunately, it’s the second marriage for both of us). UNLIKE you and your husband, neither of us had the wisdom to marry someone we truly LIKED the first time around. Oh we loved our respective first spouses, but didn’t really “like” them. Sometimes instead of telling each other, “I love you,” we say, “I like you.”

    • Thanks and glad you enjoyed. Nothing better than spending your life with your BFF!

      • P.S. Glad I am not the only female humanoid who hates shopping. Sometimes I feel like a duck out of water when I am with my female friends.

      • LOL! Me too!!! My Mother thinks I must have been swapped at birth.

  2. Karen

    I know all this and still I smile…..yall also made the best mom and dad….I aspire to be a lucky duck cornball !!!!!

    • Thanks sweetie!! I hope you will be too!

  3. Apollyon67

    And here’s to another 47!

  4. Flyoverhere,

    Happy Anniversary and what a lovely story to go with it. You sure have the best of soul mates between the two of you and I think that makes the best marriages.

    • Thanks Pepper and you are right! Have a better day today!


    Next March will be #18 for us. And I know just how you feel 😉

  6. Nothing beats a good love story! I love hearing it everytime about the day y’all eloped to Panhandle… so sweet! Congratulations on 45!!! WOW! Such an accomplishment!

    • Dear Sweet Courtney you make me smile. Thank you and we wish you and Dut the same success! It isn’t that hard to accomplish if you stay focused on the friendship!

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