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No Trespassing!

"Don't Tread On Me"

Kinda speaks for itself, doesn’t it?  It’s ‘bird season’ and most farmers and ranchers try to discourage unwanted intrusion from hunters who often in their pursuit of game damage crops or spook the livestock.  One of our neighbors added the sunglasses to this one.

It brought to fruition the way I feel about the freedom endowed on all men by God.  With government intrusion into everyday life encroaching more and more daily and so many people who are perfectly willing to allow government to take away from those who have worked to produce the blessings and opportunities they enjoy, I feel the need to have this sign on my back at all times.

Intrusion into my domain, my life, my pursuit of happiness is beginning to feel threatened enough that it calls for extra fortification to deflect the unwanted actions that damage my most prized possession, my right to determine my own destiny and my willingness to live with the outcome.

The ‘useful idiots‘ of the Occupy Wall Street protests have no idea what they are doing to themselves.  Evidently products of modern education, they haven’t studied the past horrors inflicted on humanity by Socialist Democracies.   They remind me of a bunch of chickens running around with their heads already cut off and they and they don’t even miss it, their head that is.  The crisis is being orchestrated by elitists who will not waste it.  I read today that Mayor Bloomberg has decided not to kick them out because they spent the night cleaning up the mess.  Yeah right, whatever.  I don’t think these folks even know what ‘clean’ is much less how to be clean.  I think it is more likely that Bloomberg is afraid of what they will do next.  Violence is laying in wait for a detonator.

I wouldn’t take New York City if someone wrapped it up and gave it to me on a silver platter.  I just hope that the useful idiots don’t come here.  They wouldn’t find much sympathy for whatever their cause is in this part of the country.  People around here don’t have much patience for stupidity……..



  1. I gotta’ get me one of those fence posts, foh. That IS priceless!

    You wrote: “Intrusion into my domain, my life, my pursuit of happiness is beginning to feel threatened enough that it calls for extra fortification to deflect the unwanted actions that damage my most prized possession, my right to determine my own destiny and my willingness to live with the outcome.” Excellent. Don’t know as I have seen it said any better.

    As for the chickens with their heads cut off, I had one chasing me one time. What was weird was that every where I turned, the headless little thing seemed to stay right with me. Sort of like some of the leeches at these protests.

    As for NYC … had to go to Midtown a lot on business. Loud, unkempt and altogether too crowded for my taste. But believe it or not, most of the people I dealt with were right decent.

    • LOL, Mrs. Al I have been chased by headless chickens on several occasions and they really do seem to know which way you are running!!! I used to help my Mother with the cleaning and preparing chickens to be taken to the local grocery store to sell, back in the days when you could still do that. I won’t go into the whole sordid process here but it was NOT my favorite chore. At least I learned the proper way to cut up a chicken for frying so that you could tell exactly what part of the bird you were eating!

      I am sure there are some nice folks in NYC but I don’t think they outnumber the idiots. I just don’t like a lot crowds and hubbub, heck I get claustrophobic when I have to go into Walmart! As always thanks for your comments!

  2. thedrpete

    Spot-on commentary on the protesters, FOH, and sorry I missed the cake yesterday. A belated Happy ____th.

    To a comment at thedrpete a few moments ago, I replied in part, “. . . the “Occupy ___” protesters are in the aggregate the tools-and-fools of the “Working Families Party” (the same bunch of people that organized the terrorizing of the AIG executives in their front yards), a spinoff of ACORN, and they are advertising on Craigslist and on their own website for protesters, and they are offering up to $350 to $650 a week. Also, Adbusters Magazine — an anti-semetic conspiracy outfit — is sponsoring on the premise that Wall Street is secretly run by Jews. Lastly, money is provided by, aka George Soros in his before-I-die-I’ll-bring-down-America crusade. These people out there are clueless and economics illiterate, and couldn’t tell you the century in which the U.S. Constitution was crafted, much less name a half-dozen of its authors.

    “I have also elsewhere recently opined that I hope that the “Occupy ___” dupes continue into next summer and move into Tampa and Charlotte to do their thing around the conventions ala 1968 in Chicago. It all makes President Obama, who endorses them, look less-and-less presidential and more-and-more the community organizer he is.”

    NYC for all of its warts (particularly liberalism), is a great city. I was born there and my son and daughter-in-law live there, and I visit frequently. It is the perfect other-life break from the serenity of my days here on the Tennessee River at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains.

    • Thanks Dr Pete for the birthday greeting! I am 62 and not at all shy about admitting it, otherwise people would wonder why I have all this gray hair! I plan on celebrating everyday right up until the next one and go on from there as long as the good Lord allows it.

      I think the OWS idiots will become violent at some point, if not them it will be from plants withing their midst that will become the detonators that I spoke of, ala 1968 as you said.

      I know NYC is a great city, just not my kind of city. Then, of course, no city is because I am just not a city girl and my ‘country’ would hang out all over the place! You should have seen me in downtown Dallas at age 18, going to employment agencies and having me ask where I was from…the Texas panhandle seems to produce people who speak with more of a twang than a drawl, LOL! Anyway, by the end of the day I was a mess, scared and tired and then had to find the right city bus to get back to our apartment. We have done two short stints in the Dallas area back in our younger days and you couldn’t give me that city either! So at least I am not being a snob toward just NYC!

      Thank you for commenting!

  3. willibeaux

    Keep your powder dry! 🙂

    • Always willibeaux, ALWAYS!

    • Apollyon67

      And your head down.

  4. Flyoverhere,

    Once a good friend of mine told me the best way to see NYC is through your rear view window as you leave it.

    I have never had the desire to go there and never will. The useful idiots are there bought and paid for by George Soros now doubt because most of them have no idea why they are there. Stupid begets stupid and I’d prefer to be far from it all.

    • I agree but I wouldn’t want to get close enough to see it in my rear view mirror!

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