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It’s my birthday!!!

The best gift ever is my family!  Today I will do some more reflecting on the joys in my life and share some of my favorite ‘oldies’  and other favs with you!

Don Williams – Lord, I hope this day is good

Everly Brothers – All I Have To Do Is Dream

Unchained Melody – Righteous Brothers

Patsy Cline – Crazy

Roy Orbison – Pretty Woman

Big Bopper – Chantilly Lace

Elvis Presley – Love Me Tender

Floyd Cramer – Last Date

Eagles – Witchy Woman

Garth Brooks – Friends In Low Places

Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar On Me

Just A Closer Walk With Thee – Ella Fitzgerald

National Anthem by 6 little girls from our area


This list is not near all my favorites!

Have a great day!






  1. Flyoverhere,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! And all the best life has to offer. I’m sure you will know what that is.
    I love “Unchained Melody” ‘Crazy”, “Love me Tender” but on the Eagles I have other favorites and I think one is “Hotel California” and I can’t think of the others. But they are one of my favorite groups besides the Who.

    I love to hear Luther Vandross sing “Impossible Dream”. i cry almost every time I listen to it. And, I love some songs from the Phantom of the Opera, like “Love ME”.

    I’m a Beatles teeny bopper so I love them. Never got into any of the psychedelic since I was too busy studying and working through college. Kids ought to try it. It keeps one from becoming a dirt bag hanging out on streets doing nothing.

    • Thanks pepperhawk! Oooh Luther Vandross, Impossible Dream. I will have to find that one! I never got into the
      Beatles…..was too busy I guess.

      • Flyoverhere,

        I was too damn busy too as you saw what I wrote, but the Beatles came into their own before I got out of high school, about one year before I went off to nurses training. So I had one year to enjoy their stuff. After that I knew of nothing going on in the world including the news. Did not have time. Knew nothing of TV sitcoms, soaps, series, etc., because I never had the time to watch TV. I had to study all the time and work. There was no time to do a doggone thing but nursing. And I took my lessons seriously and wanted good grades. I was number 3 in a class of 200 girls. My instructors gave me things to do in the hospital they would not allow other girls to do because I was that good and I’m proud of it. It was hard and I did not have any money from my mommy and daddy to buy me anything. I had no electronics because they did not exist then and no clothes except the uniforms I wore for the hospital and one good outfit to wear for church on Sundays. Oh yeah, we all had to get up early to go to church every morning too because went to a Catholic teaching school. We got one day a week where around 8pm we went to the YWCA to play volley ball or swim whichever was your choice. I played volleyball. Other than that was my life. I knew nothing of the stupid things going on in the world. I did not have the time. I was too damn busy you might say. And I am damn proud of it too. I was not on the street protesting the Vietnam war either. My brother went in 65 and did not get back until 67. I was proud of him too. He volunteered to go into the Marines and was shipped out 8 weeks after boot training.

        and one gogood outfit for church on Sunday. So I would say Iwaas prepetty damn buty too.

      • I know I wasn’t near as busy as you, whew that was hard, but certainly worthwhile. I am glad your brother did get home and I thank him for doing a really hard job during a really hard time!

      • Where in the heck is the edit button as some stuff I wrote I cannot delete like those last couple sentences?

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! ♥

    I love the links! I agree with Luther Vandross. Totally dreamy, no pun intended 😉

    It keeps one from becoming a dirt bag hanging out on streets doing nothing.

    I don’t know, pepperhawk… all of the Occupy Wall Streeters have iPods and iTunes in the laptops, too. And look at the mess they are in!!

    • Thanks aggiesprite! I have really got to look up Luther and get that downloaded!!!

    • LC Aggie Smith,

      Well, those kids got that stuff because they live with Mommy and Daddy and the parents spoil them. Mine never did. I had to work and work my ass off. You don’t go to nursing training and have extra time for anything. While I was going to classes all day long, I also had to work in the hospital taking care of patients. When we got off our shifts, we had more classes until 6pm when it was dinner time. After dinner, we had to hit our books for tests the next day and do a case study every night on the patients we were taking care of in the hospital. I never got more than 3 hours of sleep a night if that. So who in the hell had time to hang on wall street in dirty clothes and defecate on cars? I would never have done such a thing anyway.

      I stayed in a dorm as we all had to and on weekends, I had to work 8 hr shifts in the hospital and then hit the books again. I never went anymore, had any fun, did anything else but go to school. Nurses training is one of the hardest courses imaginable you can take. Ask any RN and you’ll find out.

      And Luther Vandross singing that song puts chills down your back.

      • Too right. This generation has no work ethic, with very few exceptions. Yours and mine had it, and used it to our advantage. Now, I have a duty to make sure my kids have that work ethic, too. It’s hard, and sometimes I want to pull my hair out, but I will not have children believe they can get something for nothing.

        Oh, and ever since you brought him up, I’ve had Luther playing in the laptop 😀

      • I have never been envious, yes I wanted things that others had but I wanted to get them for myself, not take something that didn’t belong to me. My liberty belongs to me and I won’t part with it peacefully, at least not any more of it! Haven’t had a chance to find Luther yet, but I will!

      • LC,

        We made sure my son worked for everything and he did. In later years he thanked us for doing that so that he was not brought up spoiled,. I was very flattered. It was not that hard for me because I gave him choices on what chores he wanted to trade off with me. He was so sun sensitive, that I would work outside and he would do the inside work of cleaning and laundry and he did a darn good job too. I was very pleased with him. He never complained either,. I guess I just got lucky, He also loved to cook. So boy was I ever lucky to have him. He is dead now which you probably don’t know and I miss him everyday of my life.

        Is Luther not great? I just adored him. It’s so sad he died too young.

      • Yes pepperhawk I do remember and my heart hurts for you.

      • Flyoverhere,

        Thx so much for remembering. Most people do not and I would not expect them to, so that m makes you very special in my mind. <3<

      • I do recall, pepperhawk. That is a pain I could never come close to imagining. May God keep him in His loving arms.

      • LC Aggie Sith,

        I don’t recognize your handle either. WE must have known one another from TH. Whatever, thank you also for your remembrance. it will be 3 yrs this Dec. 2nd and I cannot believe it’s been that long ago. It is no pain I would ever wish on my worst enemy believe me, it’s that bad. And yes, Jeff is in God’s arms being kept by Him in safety and happiness and peace. I often feel Jeff around me as crazy as that might sound, but it gives me joy and the will to keep going on with my life. Thank you so very much. .

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear FOH, Happy Birthday to you!!!

    Wow. A few of your favorites brings back a few memories in some cases. Nice that I can share them with you. Oh, and the girls singing the National Anthem was beyond the pale.

    I trust your day and the coming year will bring you peace, joy and contentment, FOH.

    • Thanks so much. I wish the same to you!

    • Thanks Mrs. AL, glad good memories were inspired.

  4. Pour Some Sugar On Me is the ring tone for my phone when You call me… Happy Birthday Mom…..lots of blessings to be thankful for… of mine is you. Love you….Have a great day!

    • Thanks sweetie! You are certainly on of mine too!

  5. I cry every time I hear the National Anthem sung no matter who sings it. I’m such a sap.

  6. Apollyon67

    Happy Birthday, and I see by your blog, you are another year wiser. Thank you for the time you spend putting your thoughts into written words for our enjoyment. I think your list of Favorite tunes is great. The last link was Awesome! Thanks again for sharing.

    • Thanks Apollyon67! Appreciate your kind words. I probably should recognize you but I don’t. If we have met somewhere, like from another blog or even in person please let me know. Your user name looks familiar…., maybe from TownHall??? Thanks!

      • TH and the chat, FOH 😉

      • Apollyon67

        I am a lost and wandering soul. 🙂 From time to time I find my way back. And you can call me Ap. All my friends do.

      • Okie Dokey, Ap! 🙂

  7. aahhhh, thanks Y!

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