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Last night we had severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings and hail.  We are cotton farmers and the cotton is turning white, almost ready to pick.  The crops that did survive the drought were damaged, some severely, by last night’s storms.  We are praying that when we see them in the light of day, the damage won’t be too bad.  Every member of our family, either directly or indirectly, depends on successful production and harvest every year.  It is a crazy business and I suppose it takes a gambler at heart to stay in it.  With ‘Mother Nature‘ for a partner you need a lot of faith and a lot of luck.

Just before the storm

In any case today will be a good day because I get to spend it with our 3-year-old granddaughter, Zane!  We are going to go to town so I can get a haircut and maybe we will both get our nails done!  She never meets a stranger and is always doing or saying something that just cracks me up.  All three of our youngest grandchildren seem to be born comedians!  We will make the rounds in town and see what fun we can get into.

Just in case you are wondering why I have retreated from posts with political overtones, it is because I found myself in overload mode.   Between the pure stupidity in Washington DC and all the shenanigans being pulled by this administration and my own personal challenges, I decided to look back on some sweeter times and concentrate on today’s blessings that I wasn’t enjoying enough.

Grace and Peace to you all, may the wind be always at your back!

Simon and Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water



  1. willibeaux

    FW! Hope and pray your cotton survived. How about your peanuts?

    • It didn’t hurt the peanuts, they dodged the bullet

      • Gee I didn’t know you grew peanuts too. it’s best to have more than one crop so if one fails you got another one. I always had lots of crops going in case something got one crop I’d have plenty of something else to put away for the winter,. With as big a plot as I had we had potatoes and onions all year round and plenty of tomatoes, string beans, cukes, zucchini and peppers in the freezer with the corn.

        With all the wild black raspberries I made homemade jams we had for the winter and the apples off the trees I made applesauce. Our summers and springs were so busy there never was time for TV. We, my son and I worked from sun up to sun down with all the chores to do on the 2 acres we owned at the time. His father was never home, working OT on his engineering jobs. So we mowed the lawn and tore all the vines out of the trees every year and made paths through the woods. There was always plenty to do and we loved every minute of it. And always something new to discover.

        The peas the kids ate right off the vine as they tasted just like candy and I just let them have their fun after helping me shovel horse manure into the ground all day long. Good kids who knew how to work. Never a slacker kid in the neighborhood. And they worked for kool aid and home made cookies
        and those peas. LOL!

        But then I’d take the kids out once a week to parks where there were good
        kid movies and things for them to learn and they loved those outings. The other parents didn’t seem to care a hoot what their kids did. What a shame.

  2. willibeaux

    Thanks for unconfusing me about Sadie. 🙂

  3. Reflection is positive and taking a break from all the insanity means you are sane. As long as you post it, we will read it.

    Please keep us posted about your crops. Being from Iowa, I am keenly aware of the farming life and as the old saying goes, “it ain’t usually easy.”

  4. willibeaux

    Mrs. AL and FW! It ain’t never easy.

    • Willibeaux,
      Nobody ever said it would be and it ain’t. Ya gotta be brave to get old. It does not get any better.

      • Willibeaux,
        But, like my good and best old boss told me at the last pt job I worked in the machine shop with, he said to me “I’m 70 years old and still working this place and I thank God every morning that I wake up and am able to still go to work in my shop”. And he thanked God that he had me who offered to work for him since he fired his druggie pt worker and I turned out to be the best thing that ever came along for him. He told me I worked 10x as fast as that young guy and did 10x better work than that guy never having worked in a machine shop before. I was mighty proud of that and awful proud to be so useful at my great age of 58 at the time. I never missed a day and I came in into work 15 minutes early for work because I had the best boss ever. He treated me like a queen and let me do things he never let that druggie do. I sure miss that guy. He was the best boss I ever had. He sure knew how to treat an employee. A tip of the hat to Tony Kemper, the best boss a woman could ever have and the best boss who ever respected a woman worker.

  5. thedrpete

    Played golf yesterday, FOH. Played really-well. And the leaves are turning, so reflections on the river were gorgeous. Will get a haircut today. My barber is also my county commissioner, so we’ll talk some local issues.

    I probably oughta have watched the debate a couple of nights ago, but I didn’t.

    • Sounds like you are doing well. I didn’t watch the debate either.

      • Flyoverhere,
        You did not miss a thing. It was the usual boring stuff except for Newt’s brainy retorts.

    • Dr. Pete,
      You seem to be the only one who never has to do a thing. It must be nice to be such a slacker and golf and fool around for the rest of your life, what’s left of it. I hope God is good to you because He taketh and He giveth.

      • Oh, and btw, I’m not envious because I hate having nothing to do. It is so damn boring I’d die from the boredom of it all. Just wanted to make myself perfectly clear as our Liar in Chief always states. Being busy all the time makes me feel as young as a kitten and spry as a pony running in the fields. Boy, it’s nice to feel that way. I hope I always do feel that until the day I die.

  6. Flyoverhere,

    Can relate to your wanting to take a break from the political scene. I can hardly manage it anymore either. I’m sick of lies and scandals and nobody taking any responsibility for their actions.

    I can relate to the farming issue as I live on a dairy farm and our landlord grows his own crops to feed the cows. He grows corn, wheat, soybeans, and tobacco, his cash crop. The weather has to cooperate or things don’t go so well as you outlined.

    I sure wish I was spending time with my grand daughter Anna tomorrow but instead I’ll be fighting the constant throbbing of an abscessed tooth. It never quits and that is why I am up at 3am. Cannot sleep.

    We had a bad storm too so don’t know what happened in the dark. Will find out tomorrow in the daylight. All the plants were planted late here in Ky due to the constant rain in April and May so the farmers could not get their crops in. It will be late this year before the harvest gets in and they will be out on their tractors in the middle of the night with their headlights a flash harvesting it all to get it away for the winter.

    The calves are being born and being raised and the farmers are busier than a one armed paper hanger. I feel bad for them since they work from sun up to sun down and sometimes all through the night to get a crop in. It’s no life for a slacker here. You gotta love it to do it. And they love it because they love being independent and not having the government in their faces. I talked to one yesterday while waiting on a medication and he told me as soon as they show up from the rural council there will be bloodshed because nobody is going to push them off their property. I was glad to hear it. Best thing I heard in weeks.

    God Bless America. Land of the Free. Stand Beside Her and Guide Her.

  7. I did watch the debate and it was dull.

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