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So, where was I…..

Yes, I became Sadie, a married lady!   The plan began to change and so did my ambitions.  I no longer thought of far away places or relics from the past, although I still have a passion for antiques, Victorian architecture and family genealogy.  My archeologist ambitions are sufficiently sated by watching old Indiana Jones movies from time to time and picking up rocks everywhere I go.  Yes I am easily entertained……and distracted.

I am not overly concerned about being called a Senior Citizen, it’s just that I am sort of in shock that I am at that point.  In my mind I don’t feel any different than I ever did.  Where did all that time go and what have I really accomplished?  Since we are semi-retired and I semi because even though our son-in-law has taken over the crop production, when you live on a farm there is always something that needs to get done.

There are many, many things that we have been planning to do around the place and now hopefully we will have more time to do some of them.  I need to finish staining the new porch railing we built back last spring.  Well it was spring according to the calendar but since we started having 100 degree temps in early May, it sure didn’t feel like spring and then there were the 50+ mph winds that didn’t slow down until late July.  I have promised my husband that it will get done before frost….best laid plans and all that.

We also plan to do some traveling.  We have a travel trailer and there are many places we want to go.   Our dream is to have a trading post where we can sell gate art and other such items that my husband would make along with my paintings (the ones that only exist in my head presently) and antiques or collectibles that we could pick up on our travels.   We also want to visit ancestral locations that I have found over the years through my genealogy research.

Anything we do we will enjoy because we are together and we tend to have more fun than a barrel of monkeys whether we are just sitting on the porch or riding around the place on our ancient golf cart picking up nails and anything else that our magnets on poles attract or going down the road pulling the travel trailer debating where we will park, more like arguing on this point because he is willing to park just anywhere and I am a little more particular… 🙂

At any rate I will follow him, follow him wherever he may go…I tried to find audio for that old song but didn’t but one of my readers did!  Little Peggy March – I will follow him

That’s all til next time!



  1. Beth

    Sadie, Sadie, Married lady. … Thats Me. 🙂
    You will never be considered “senior citizen” to me. Just meme. Love you.

    • You are my sweetie! Just meme will be just wonderful!

  2. willibeaux

    Hepp me dahlink! 🙂 Iss you Sadie or Lura? Or both? Ah iss confused! 🙂

    • All married ladies are Sadies willibeaux!

  3. willibeaux

    Hmm! Is that a Texas Longhorn tradition? Ah still iss confused. Lorraine is 80+ and she ain’t heard that she is a Sadie. Iss you funnin’ wit me? 🙂

    • No, LOL it is just a thing with me. It came from the movie, Funny Girl. Fanny Brice the main character, played by Barbra Striesand considers herself an ugly duckling and when she gets married to a really handsome man, played by Omar Sharif she can’t believe it. She had always wanted to be beautiful like her Aunt Sadie, a married lady. That was back before I knew anything about Ms. Striesand’s politics and I was a big fan.

  4. Nicely done, foh. Your post evokes some great visuals. It is so cool (talk about senior citizen language) that you and your husband person have such a relationship. BTW, love the song. I glommed onto it as a favorite the first time I heard it.

    • Glad you enjoyed mrs al! I guess I am a bit of a corn ball but, oh well, that’s just me. I have always loved that song!

  5. willibeaux

    Thanks Dahlink for unconfusing me! 🙂

  6. thedrpete

    No matter how ugly our economy, our politics, and our progressivism have become, FOH, I daily can find beauty and fun.

  7. Flyoverhere

    Loved this article, but I never heard of a sadie before either. I’ve hear of “old mares”, not nice things like that.

    Any day you can spend on your farm enjoying the beauty is a beautiful day to me. Ron and I do that too when we can and take the dogs. There is nothing that makes me happier than taking my shepherd, Merlin, out for a good run. He runs like crazy, runs back to me, then kisses me all over my face, he is so and he puts a big smile on my face too.

    I like to collect wild flowers, rocks, fossils, and I found a dead turtle one day and gave it to my grandson who was thrilled to death.

    • It’s the little things that make me happiest!

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