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Am I really a Senior Citizen….really?

What does that mean?  Woke up this morning, I was on my mind….who am I and what am I doing here?

As a youngster I always dreamed of being an archeologist, uncovering important artifacts from ancient times, seeing exotic places all over the world and having daring adventures in far away places.

Hang on a sec, must put dinner rolls out to rise… I’m back.

Then I eloped with my high school sweetheart at the tender age of 17 by one week.  No, we didn’t run away to Vegas, nothing so adventurous as that.  We drove to a nearby town, the county seat of a neighboring county.  I wore my white eighth grade graduation dress that my grandmother had given me for that momentous occasion because I was Salutatorian.  Baby blue sandal pumps and matching corsage along with a white pill-box hat with a small net veil completed my outfit.

The county clerk’s office in that court-house was huge and a bit dark.  She was a very jolly Senior citizen to say the least and a spinster but quite attractive still and dressed all in pink.  My future father-in-law signed his permission, he and my future sister-in-law had come along to be our witnesses.   I altered the date on the temporary driver’s license that I still carried in my billfold from the previous year to make it look like I was 18, yes I lied.  We got the marriage license and happily left the court-house in search of a preacher.  We found several preachers from all the usual denominations for this area, none of which would perform the ceremony because they didn’t know us.  I think it was because I had ‘liar’ written all over my face.  We returned to the court-house, found the Justice of the Peace and got hitched!

More to come but now it is time for me to get ready to go to church.  Afterwards, we will come home and have a birthday dinner for our dear friend Mary who is 93 today.  All our kids and grand kids will be here too….I really hope that two dozen rolls will be enough!

Aaahhhh, I am one tired Meme but a very happy one.  We had 3 rolls leftover, so all went well.  Tomorrow will mark one month since I started this blog thing.   More later….:-)




  1. Christie

    Love your blog, Mom 🙂

  2. willibeaux

    Thank you for sharing. It sounds like a beautiful love story. I love to read those happy experiences. You folks have a beautiful family. Thanks for the pictures.

    Lorraine was 19 and I was twenty, 3 months shy of 21. We got married on Aug 5, 1950. My father had to sign for me. The Korean War was hot and heavy and we didn’t know what the future held for me. I got a one year deferment and received my draft notice in Nov. 1951. Enlisted in USAF Dec.51.

    • You are welcome willi and thanks! I love happy ‘love’ stories, sounds like yall have one too!

  3. What is a senior citizen? Only what brand some unknown jerk has given to people. I discount senior citizen. If I can still climb over fences as tall as me, if I can still get up on a ladder to paint, if I can still run with my dog, if I can find interesting things in the fields, if I can still laugh and have fun, I do not consider myself a senior citizen, just another name caller someone has branded you with. I see phooey to that!

    • Typo, sorry, I meant “I say phooey to that!”

  4. By the way, we all have visions of our futures which never come true. That is the evidence of youth and their stupidity. There are adventures everywhere you look.

    • Thanks for your comments pepperhawk! I guess ‘they’ have to have a term to identify population segments. I have never been a conformer and will just keep doing the things I enjoy, of course those things may change as time goes on.

  5. I too wanted to be an archeologist. What are the odds? While that didn’t happen for me either, I still had a great career in qualitative marketing research and then met and married the mad I admire most on this orb (second marriage for both of us).

    Your post is priceless, foh. And that is evidenced by the first comment you received. You are blessed!

    • LOL, two rock hounds! I still pick up rocks everywhere I go! My career has been my family although I have worked outside the home I wouldn’t call the jobs I’ve had careers but I have had some very interesting and challenging jobs. The man I most admire and I will celebrate 45 years on the 21st of this month. That first comment was from our youngest daughter and the oldest one called me with the same comment, yes I am blessed and very thankful for that!

  6. Make that three rockhounds, since I do have a degree in anthropology, and geology is my hobby 🙂

    I do love your stories, but I have never understood the “senior citizen” moniker. I have used seasoned citizen instead 😉

    • LOL aggiesprite, I am definitely seasoned….some might say a little salty…. 🙂 You know what they say about old rockhounds…they never dies, they just slowly petrify…

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