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The owl that ate my chicken is sorry now!

That was the text I got from my daughter tonight.   She had been grieving all day over one of her chickens who perished last night.  There was only one wing left of the poor bird, attacked by his own kind to boot!  This chicken was no ordinary chicken.  It was one of our little granddaughter’s Easter chickens, raised in the house along with eight others, one of which turned out to be a duck, til they could be transferred to a place in the barn.  Thank goodness it wasn’t Dot.  Dot is the only chicken with a name because it is the only one they can recognize because it has a dot on it’s back.  It had already evidently escaped the owl’s wrath the night before because there was a gash on it’s neck and the hen was obviously not feeling well.  Our daughter just started gathering eggs from these special chickens a couple of weeks ago, so I have a stake in this drama as well.  Free eggs are great!

Our daughter’s knight in shining armor, her husband brought the perpetrator to justice.  He had said earlier in the day that he thought the culprit was an owl, from some specific evidence left at the scene.  He is a very wise knight not to mention a dead eye shot.

Ahhh that feeling of justice served is a thing we all can appreciate.  When justice serves those we love it is even sweeter.  I can think of another instance where justice needs to be served, hopefully at the ballot box in 2012!  Now where will we find a knight in shining armor…..

As an aside, I didn’t get the name of the duck!



  1. Wow. My condolences to your daughter on the demise of her chickens. Your post has that extra personal touch — nicely done.

    Alas, I don’t look for a knight in shining armor in 2012. I just want somebody who has a clue about the restrictions that are supposed to keep government at bay. Say, maybe your son-in-law ought to run!

    • Thanks mrs al! It was bedtime when I got that text but it just had to relay the story. My son-in-law wouldn’t have the patience to deal with Washington DC! He is a get to the point kinda guy with no patience for stupidity……

      • Good! Let him know that’s precisely what we need in D.C.!

  2. thedrpete

    The adventurous tale could just as well have come from. oh say, 1900 as 2011 . . . except for the penultimate comment about Washington. Back in 1900 local governments were about the same part of our lives as today, with state less a part than local, and the national government in Washington, D.C. but a miniscule part, providing a national defense and keeping commerce (i.e., payables and receivables, along with transportation issues) regular among the states.

    Oh, what a century plus a decade can do to plunder a great idea.

    • Wish we could turn back time in that respect dr pete!

  3. willibeaux

    FW! Glad the problem was taken care of and the manner in which it was.

    We have the scourge of coyotes killing small animals mostly cats. I don’t let my small dog go out in the yard after dark by herself. I go out with her baseball bat in hand since our neighborhood is a non-shooting zone. 😦

    • I couldn’t live in a place where I can’t shoot invading varmints willibeaux and I am not that good with a baseball bat! 🙂

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