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Fall is in the air…

I love October!  It is my birth month, it is the month of my first date with my soul mate, it is the month I married my soul mate and the month when our long-awaited granddaughter was born.


I always look forward to this time of cool mornings, warm afternoons and harvest moons.

It is particularly welcome this year because of the brutal heat and drought of summer.  Even though we are still in a drought we have had a little bit of rain in the last month and the triple digit temperatures have left.  I am looking forward to calving season even though we only have ten head of first calf heifers now.   Every afternoon the Monarch butterflies drift lazily around the yard looking for a little bit of nectar.  The Jackbean is in bloom thanks to the diligence of my sweet husband’s watering through the long hot days, so it is the favored place for the butterflies to rest and it is near the porch so we can watch them easily.

Jackbean Beauties

It is so peaceful here, unlike so many other places in the world.  We are thankful for the rest from all the ‘bad news’ we hear about, just by going outside, hearing the birds, feeling the sun, watching a hawk soar so easily on the thermals high above.  It is hard to understand why there is so much turmoil when so much tranquility is there for the taking.

I am choosing to spend this season relishing the blessings we have and making hay while sun is shining….having a Scarlet O’Hara kind of day.



  1. Flyoverhere,

    I also love Fall, my favorite time of year. Pumpkins and apple cider warmed with spices and the smell of it tingle my toes.
    I love to hike this time of year as it is a lovely time to be in the woods observing all the colors of the season and smells of it also.
    I’m glad we have the different seasons to enjoy and I too will think of the tranquility of being on this farm and how far away all the chaos and tumult seems from life here. It is a solution to mend one’s soul and mind during a time of great dissatisfaction with our government and all that is wrong in the world. I can hike with my dogs and watch their joy as they run through the fields so happy and blissfully unaware of any problems. It makes my heart feel good just to watch them enjoying themselves and in turn I enjoy it with them.

    • Sounds like we are on the same page…:-)

  2. thedrpete

    This is the coolest morning in many a month down south of you in East Tennessee, FOH. Sunny and brisk. Yes, Fall is in the air.

    Thank you for the re-llaaaxxx-ing reflection.

  3. It is a wonderful change to have the cooler evening temperatures and beautiful mornings. If we could only get some rain!
    Your buttterfly pictures are beautiful!

    • Thanks! Do I know you?

      • I found you through LC Aggie Stith on her blog…

      • Oh OK I was just curious how you found my blog. Thanks for dropping in!

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