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Looking Forward…and the peanut rock

The Peanut Rock

It is early morning, sun not up yet, granddaughter and her Poppa still fast asleep and Meme up, coffee, half a pot down, keyboard clicking….so many things to look toward.

She’s up, tells Poppa…“time to wake up, Poppa!”  Comes through dark rooms to get to office where I am, “Mornin’ Meme!”  Such enthusiasm for the new day….“Sun not wake up Meme?”  It’s waking up sweetie…“Oh! I see it, sky gettin light!”  “Where we going Meme?”  We aren’t going anywhere….“Why we not going somewhere Meme?”  We don’t need to….“Why we not need to Meme?  I need go somewhere Meme”.  Why? I say…..“Don’t say ‘why’ Meme, that my special word, you not say ‘why’!”

Why?  Such a special, wondrous word.   Children question everything because they always want to know more.  As adults we lose that need to know the reasons why….why?  The little people in my life have given me new perspective on my purpose here.  My new mission…to be the best Meme ever!  Why, because the best way I can help to insure a bright future for them is to teach them that decisions should be based on knowledge and all knowledge is within their reach as long as they are willing to work to find it.  When they ask us why, they expect an answer.  Knowing that we know things is reassuring and then teaching them that we don’t have all the answers and how to look for them gives them confidence in themselves.  Cultivating a love for life, questioning everything, learning the reasons why insures that they won’t just except the status quot on face value.

“Meme why you have a rock on you desk?”  It’s my peanut rock.  “What a peanut rock?”  It’s a rock that looks like a peanut.  Poppa found it in the peanut patch.  “Oh, OK ..I like you peanut rock”….



  1. Flyoverhere,

    I’m one of those people who never did stop asking questions so I blurt questions out to people that sometimes sounds intrusive I’m sure. But it’s just a habit of wanting to know and learn constantly for me. Why, What, Who, When are some of my favorites. I do recall my son’s questions constantly and absolutely delighted in them. My grand children do it now and it’s so much fun to hear what comes from their mouths. Sometimes it’s a bit embarrassing too, but those are precious moments for me.

  2. Clearly I am out of sync not having been blessed with children and then grandbabies, etc. However comma — I know a dynamite post when I read one and this is one of those, foh. You are soooooo right, we too often stop asking, “why” and that is indeed a pity!.

    Thanx for the reminder. Next time I am around little ones I will be more sensitive to their questions!!

    • This granddaughter is almost 3 and you wouldn’t believe the conversations we have!

  3. I remember what a miracle she was, and still is 😀

    She has given me the motivation to ask “why??” to my kids. Not just so I can learn more, but because I know it will drive them crazy, too 😉

    • Yes she still is our little miracle and we have a very strong bond. She wants to be an artist!!!! Maybe she will accomplish what I haven’t in that field. She cracks me up with some of the things she comes up with, like telling me that the word ‘why’ is her special word, LOL!

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