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Moments ala Senior….

Not enjoying some of the growing old process and am trying really hard to stay young at heart and mind.  The heart part is all good, the mind part…..

Haven’t written anything in a while due to getting a new cell phone.  It’s one of those ‘smarter than me’ kind.  I can now text, email, picture mail, play a word game with my daughter and check in on Facebook, all from my cell phone.  That is a lot of firsts in one short week.

In addition to the phone I also got a ‘Hot Spot’ device to replace my satellite internet connection.  All went well and I was coming into the 21st century not too scathed, til…..I bought a new wireless printer to replace the one that just broke.  The old one was wireless too and although I had many ‘connection’ issues over time I had always some how kept on printing, so I had no qualms about installing a new one.  That is where the road to high-tech came to a screeching halt.  Oh, I set it up and got it all installed and the printer worked fine but the second the printer came online both the PC and the Laptop went offline.  I couldn’t get online with either one.  Finally in pure frustration I un-installed the printer and wallah!  the computers were able to connect to the internet.

Long story, short, I spent about 6 hours on the land line telephone (didn’t want to eat up all my cell phone minutes) talking to various and sundry ‘geeks’.  Finally I connected with a guy at Dell who could speak the English language extremely well and after allowing him remote access to my computers plus another 3 hours or so plus a couple hundred-dollar technical support contract I was up and running.  At least if anything else goes awry during the next year I am paid up.  Do you ever have the feeling that you have just been taken to the cleaners but aren’t really sure????

I was going to replace my ancient PC with either another laptop or a new ‘All In One’ PC but I think I am currently over invested in the high-tech future and will be content to keep using this old workhorse that has served me well for a long time.

Hopefully, my technical issues are behind me for now and I can get on to other more interesting things to talk about….this Senior Moment has lasted for over a week and I am not ready to repeat it!



  1. thedrpete

    Don’t want to sound like a commercial, but IF you decide you want to upgrade/replace your PC, you should visit That’s where to buy and where to get service. Average wait time to get tech support from a guy who built your computer is 15 . . . seconds.

    • Lura Helms

      Thanks dr pete I will take a look at that site!

  2. Foh .. this is priceless! I am still giggling, “It’s one of those ‘smarter than me’ kind.” What a hoot. My husband person got us android phones. What got me was that I could text, check the news, etc etc etc but it took me days to figure how to make a doggone phone call. Grrrrr

    Thanx for the admission that I am not the only one that can’t figure all this stuff out immediately. I feel better now.

    • thedrpete

      My son, Mrs. AL, explains my iPod, iPad, and Droid to me by opining that they are “intuitive”. I guess that my problem is that I’m not “intuitive”.

      • Don’t know about ipods/pads. But if they are as easy to operate as the Apple Computer was 20 years ago then yes, your son is on-target. They are indeed intuitive. However comma if you are not a current or former Mac Apple user, then you are corrupted via DOS — haha, sorta.

    • mrs al, glad I could be a small bright spot in your day! My husband person was even more averse to evolving than I but he is becoming downright ‘geeky’! He wouldn’t even touch the computer until about a year ago. Now he has taken over my laptop and relegated me back to my old PC. The first day we had the new fangled phones he sent a text message to our oldest granddaughter and I thought she was going to go into shock. Our children are one of the main reasons we want to keep moving forward. Have a great day!

  3. I manage to get my emails and blog, but hooking up a printer is beyond me. As for my smartphone? I hand it over to my kids. They figure it out, and I get to enjoy the fruits of their labor without the headaches 😀

    • Ha Ha, I think you may be smarter than you know!

  4. The trick is to get someone who speaks English in the first place, not a senior moment. LOL!

    • yes I was very lucky in that department for once!

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