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Entitlement Reform?

A big deal in the 2012 election will be the ways both parties come up with to deal with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  What we are facing is the result of programs that should never have been started in the first place, but they were and the time has come to deal with unsustainable outlays.

First let me say that being poor does not ‘entitle’ anyone to taxpayer dollars.  There really are people who really do need help because they really cannot help themselves but welfare via government has expanded to include the young, able-bodied who would rather be slaves of government than get off their lazy behinds and work.  The safety net has become ridiculously insane.  The Family should be the safety net but has been so damaged and fractured by government policies which encouraged government dependence that many do not have family or if they do, that family would rather not be bothered and just let someone else (taxpayers) foot the bill.

Now we come to Social Security and Medicare, government theft for our own good.  I resent them being lumped in with welfare since I had no choice but to pay into them all my working life.  Are we not entitled to get that back?  I saw a scenario recently that showed what my input would have been worth in just a pass-book savings account had I been allowed to save it for myself and let me tell you I would much rather have that amount than what I am about to get from my ‘check’ which I won’t apologize for taking.

The Social Security Trust Fund has been raided over and over again by politicians willing to put future generations at risk by creating an ever bigger safety net for an ever bigger portion of the population to ensure their own re-election.  As far as I am concerned Congressional theft should be punished and forced to repay the Trust Fund by giving up their generous stipends (I refuse to call it wages because wages are earned) not to mention that these stipends plus benefits are for life even if they were elected for only one term.  There are always 425 Congressmen, 100 Senators, 9 Supreme Court Justices and the President who are in charge of government, this small group is responsible for the mess but now they tell us that we must take up the slack without so much as a ‘howdy do’! I know that would never be enough, not to mention will never happen but there should be some accountability on their part.  Lack of vigilance by ‘we the people’ makes us partially accountable also.   Here we see that the sins of fathers are visited on their children.

Well that is where we are and it will be hard to hold Government accountable because they get to pick winners and losers.  They win, we loose.  I don’t see things changing fast because there are just too many people depending on the nanny state.  We are becoming Europe and no matter who is elected they won’t return to the Constitutional governance that established our Representative Republic because it would result in widespread mob violence, unless we lend them our collective backbones.  We got a taste of it last spring when Governor Walker of Wisconsin reined in public unions and the unions aren’t done with him yet.  He will more than likely face a recall election there.

With all this said, kinda doom and gloom wasn’t it, I am still optimistic.  Liberty loving people, I believe, are still the majority in this country.  If we are successful in demanding accountability from elected representatives, if we take responsibility in overseeing the education of our children and grand children we still have the opportunity to leave them with the opportunity to continue to live free.  I believe that with Obama’s election the Progressives got so excited that they jumped the gun and shoved too much down our collective throats and that we are about to regurgitate!

These are my random and probably biased thoughts for today.  What say you?



  1. Mrs. AL

    Well done, foh. What has always gotten my goat is the term, “entitlements.” Makes me want to be sick every time I hear it. And “reforming entitlements” makes me just as ill. The national government has absolutely no business in the business of offering “entitlements” to anyone. That’s a State issue at best. My husband person did the same calculations with his ‘forced SS insurance’ and let me tell you he was fit to be tied when he saw how much he would have at this point in time. Mine wasn’t as much (retired early) but it is enough to make me want to scream.

    Ok, I have gotten half-ill here and am at the point to screaming. Guess I better quite before I blow a gasket, eh?

  2. Flyoverhere,

    As I wrote in my rant the biggest pigs at the welfare trough are the politicians themselves. They live off of our tax payer money and they have the gall to tell seniors that SS is an “entitlement”. We paid into the system all those years and like you, if we could have put that money into a 401K plan for ourselves, we would have a whole lot more money to retire on. I also get screaming angry and want to blow a gasket like Mrs. Al.

    The pols stole our money, then tell us we have to sacrifice and no cost of living raises for 3 years, yet Congress gave themselves a cost of living raise of $3000. Oh, and we get to pay for that too. But, somehow, there is no inflation for seniors??????????? The nerve and the fuzzy math they use drive me up a wall.

    So I agree with what you wrote but I sure don’t feel real optimistic especially after that stupid speech by the Liar in Chief tonight.

    • yeah he is definitely back in full campaign mode! Smoozing his victims. Sad thing is they don’t have any idea what his real plan is.

  3. thedrpete

    Here’s some bad news. According to Rasmussen, 43% of Americans at least “somewhat approve” of President Obama’s performance. Here’s some good news. Gallup says that his “strongly-approve” among blacks has fallen all the way to 84%.

    You, foh, refer to Americans as “liberty loving”, but, sadly, almost half have become “nanny-loving”.

    I have but one bone to pick with you, foh. You say, “There really are people who really do need help because they really cannot help themselves but welfare via government has expanded to . . . ” The federal government has no-nil-nada-zero-zip-zilch Constitutional authority to provide one thin dime (or peso) of assistance to ANYONE. The job of government is NOT to help Americans. It is to protect and defend their life, their liberty, and their property . . . no more and no less.

  4. Sorry for interrupting. Have to put up a post with new email address, we changed ISPs. May have to subscribe a second time, foh.

  5. The “safety net” is now a comfy couch.

    I have to agree with Dr. Pete, though. The gov’t has no business “helping” its citizens in this manner. WE THE PEOPLE can choose to do so through charity, but not the gov’t.

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