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The Road To?

Don’t know how y’all feel but I kinda feel like a sittin’ duck out here in flyover land.  Where are we going?  I am sure that some of you may have already read the links posted below but if you haven’t they are well worth your time.

I am not a quitter, I am a fixer but fixin’ this fine mess is a tall order.  It will take ALL freedom loving Americans and it will require some nose holding at the polls because the perfect human being does not exist.   Whoever the Republican nominee turns out to be if it is not the one you want, you have to ask yourself whether you want to go over the cliff sooner or later.  I choose later, gives more time to correct course via subsequent elections and holding current as well as newly ‘electeds’ (like my new word) feet to the fire, or in the worst case scenario preparing for it.  No more relaxing after Nov 2012 even if you think the right person got the job.  There is much evidence that ‘trust’ in the Beltway is not wise.

The commentary in the link Obama Our Savior? below reflects my own opinion on the Progressive’s sudden loss of patience when Obama was elected  and the rush to an ever bigger more powerful government nanny state.  They believed He was THEIR Savior, but was he?  We have been traveling down this road for a very long time like the proverbial turtle race, slow and steady.  The American people swallowed easily much of the Progressive agenda in the name of doing their good deeds and charitable giving via government mandate.  You all know what the road to Hell is paved with….

You can put a frog in a pot of cold water and turn the burner on low and he will be cooked before he realizes that the water is getting hotter.  My hope is that by suddenly turning the burner to high that the frog will get out of the pot before it actually boils.  The water is pretty hot already and the frog is weak but still kicking…..time is short and don’t forget there is fire outside the pot.  I will leave the result to your imagination, for now.

Please remember Texas in your prayers.  Wildfires: More viewer photos | Austin.

Texas Wildfires: 852 Homes Lost in 48 Hours – ABC News.

Obama Our Savior? « Government Gone Wild.

Sweetness, Light, Peace, Love and Democratic Party Labor Day Rallies; One of These Doesn’t Belong. | RedState.

Big Government Rising?.

Obama, Unions Double Down on ‘No Labor’ Day.



  1. thedrpete

    The “frog in the water”, flyover, was why I sorta preferred getting Obama to getting McCain. The gradual warming had been happening since Wilson, and was moving slowly but inexorably toward the cliff.

    See from April of 2009

    • I agree dr pete, I had the same thoughts but it is really hard to watch and experience what is happening to our country.

      • It is very hard to watch, but necessary. We as a country were asleep, quietly taking the gradual creep of socialism because we were comforted by the safety blanket of “it can’t happen HERE!!”

        Now many of us are awake, and are kicking and screaming, trying to bring the rest of the country to wakefulness. It’s painful, but necessary.

      • Yes very painful, frustrating and maddening….redundant I know!

  2. Flyoverhere,

    Completely agree with your article. The Road to Perdition. Extremely maddening.

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