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A fellow blogger posted the following list, asked that I post it on my blog with my answers and send a link back to her blog.  So here goes….

#1– Favorite candy: Not a candy eater

#2– Favorite movie: Can’t decide…

#3– Favorite drink: Beer

#4– Favorite dessert: Not a desert eater but will partake of Cherry Cobbler when available

#5– Favorite city: Don’t like cities

#6– Favorite pass time: Playing with the grand kids or painting

#7– Favorite clothing: PJs

#8– Favorite animal: Dogs

#9– Favorite flower: Wildflowers

#10 Favorite music: Gospel, Classic Rock or Country Western, depends on my mood

As you can tell I don’t like living on the edge…If you have a blog and are of a mind to you can post your answers there and maybe find out more about the people reading your blog otherwise just leave your answers here under comments, unless you don’t want to, in which case don’t worry about it.  Have a great day and please remember Texas in your prayers for rain!



  1. I have been praying like crazy here. We had a couple of fires break out not far from where I am. Thankfully, those are contained, but Bastrop is still wild.

    You like PJs too?? Well, if y’all come visit, I will have cherry cobbler and plenty of beer for ya!!

    • Praying like crazy here too. Every time a cloud comes up we feel both hope and fear. Lightning has been causing so many fires in our area. Thankfully nothing like Bastrop.

      10 4 on the PJs, cobbler and beer, wish we could do that someday!

  2. Mrs. AL

    #1– Favorite candy: Snickers

    #2– Favorite movie: To Kill a Mockingbird

    #3– Favorite drink: Coffee

    #4– Favorite dessert: Traditional Wedding Cake

    #5– Favorite city: None

    #6– Favorite pass time: Mind and Puzzle games

    #7– Favorite clothing: Oversized shirts

    #8– Favorite animal: Dogs

    #9– Favorite flower: Missouri Primrose – yellow

    #10 Favorite music: Gospel (older, like the Cathedrals) and old,old rock

    And there you have it … an older female humanoid who can’t seem to get used to the century in which she is living — haha

  3. mmm, cherry cobbler. I used to make a kick ass version at a restaurant I worked at, but for the life of me I can’t remember how to make it now.

  4. #1– Favorite candy: The darkest chocolate bar, about 70%
    #2– Favorite movie: Life with Father
    #3– Favorite drink: Coke
    #4– Favorite dessert: None, don’t eat desserts
    #5– Favorite city: None, hate cities
    #6– Favorite pass time: Playing with my dogs.
    #7– Favorite clothing: PJs
    #8– Favorite animal: Dogs
    #9– Favorite flower: Stargazer Lily
    #10 Favorite music: Spanish classical music

    • looks like we have some things in common!

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