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Don't blame me, it's just a streak of bad luck!

Putting up some interesting links that I found interesting, informative or just amusing.


First, Obama‘s ‘get out of debt’ plan…,20305/

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a recently retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve. He is a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, opines on Obama’s ineligibility…

Michael Barone on  Justice Thomas: Nightmare for Obamacare 

Mark Alexander · Thursday, September 1, 2011 -The most important inquiry conservatives must posit in every policy debate: “What does our Constitution authorize and mandate?”

Things to ponder:

Have you heard that there is a new minority in town demanding special privileges, yep ‘Ugly People’ want minority status.  IMHO, I think minority might be a stretch….

Why would anyone ask if you have to believe in God in order to go to heaven?  One of my friend’s friend’s on FB really asked it.

It’s been 5 years since ‘Katrina‘ but the levees in NO still get ‘Fail’ rating by Army Corp of Engineers.  Thousands are being evacuated as I write this.

Do you know when the drought in Texas and elsewhere will be over?

If Obama isn’t defeated in 2012….what next?

If Obama is defeated in 2012….what next?

Have a wonderful long weekend, be safe and come back and flyoverhere with me!






  1. I follow Lawrence Sellins articles weekly. I like how he writes the truth.
    As far as ugly people wanting equal rights I have not a clue.

    If Obama is not defeated, kiss our Republic good bye for good. It’s practically gone anyway as he ignores all rule of laws. Congress does nothing about him and never will.

    If O is defeated there will be race riots as usual.

    • I know, I need to puke because O is rallying more victims to vote for him in his Labor Day speech…..ugh!

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