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Suck It UP!

Before I start I first want to tell you that this is more a pep talk to myself than anything else.  Our worst enemy is not Obama.  Our worst enemy is ourselves if we fail to do the duty of all citizens, that of holding our elected representatives accountable to us and to our Constitution as written by the founding fathers.  Participating in the political process is not only a right, it is the duty of every citizen.

I keep hearing that Moderates/Independents have such fragile sensibilities that they can tolerate NO controversy.  What?  Are they going to either stay home or even worse go vote for Obama again if the Republican nominee falls outside their politically correct guideline!  If that is the case then we can kiss our individual liberty goodbye because four more years of the current inhabitant of the White House will seal our fate and America will no longer be a Representative Republic but a True Democracy where the mob rules.  Take a look at Greece and the UK and tell me that is what you want.

I say the same thing to Republicans who refuse to hold their nose and vote against Obama no matter who is on the Republican ticket.  If these purists refuse to step up and do everything possible to end the current course the ship will go down.  That would be like seeing your child drowning and not throwing out a life-preserver, not to mention jumping in to save them.

I feel the same pain.  I want to vote for my choice but if my choice doesn’t get the nomination then so be it.  I will vote against Obama and that is what it is going to take to even start righting this ship of state.  I am not fooled, there is no human being that can do it in four years.  Whoever beats Obama will have a very rough row to hoe because we citizens are an impatient lot, spoiled to instant gratification.  If people today had to wait for their television to warm up before coming on and then had to walk to the set every time they wanted to see what is on another channel they would have a ‘hissy fit’.

While many see Obama as a failure, make no mistake he does not see it that way.  In his first two years, with the aid of Democrats in control of both Houses of Congress, he has gotten almost everything he put on the table.  Obamacare is the biggest job killer ever.   Now that the house is under Republican control he is resorting more and more to skirting Congressional approval and implementing his policies via Executive Order.  The EPA is laying out new regulations, Homeland Security is implementing the Dream Act, I won’t even go into what we are doing in Libya.  Congress under Democrats failed to pass Cap and Trade and the Dream Act but we are getting them anyway.  The only cuts in spending he wants are in defense.

Then there are the Czars, I believe 38 of them.  All are far left at best, some are admitted Socialists and Communists.  Wealth redistribution is the number one goal and it has already expanded under Obama’s watch.

After almost three years in office this man owns this economy.  He himself said that if he couldn’t turn the economy around by the third year in his first term and there wouldn’t be a second, he would be a one term President.  I, for one, want that promise kept.  Officially we are at almost $15 Trillion in debt with a $3 Trillion annual deficit.  Given the CBO’s iffy reputation in calculations I am willing to bet those numbers are substantially higher.

You don’t need to look at anything other than what he has done while in office to know that we are headed down the wrong road.  If, like me, you looked at his past, his experience and the people he surrounded himself with his whole life, you aren’t surprised either.

Finally, if your worst fear is that the next President might be a Christian, Pro-Life, Capitalist you might try comparing whoever that person is with the people who founded this great nation and then make that same comparison with Obama and then decide.  If that doesn’t help just look at your own budget.

Make sure you listen to his speech next week when he will lay out his new “Jobs” plan and see if you hear anything different.  Take note of words like revenue enhancements and reasonable solutions, investing in this, that or the other.  Code words for higher taxes, Republicans are unreasonable and more spending.

I must keep telling myself all these things during the long process leading up to the primaries and we must all expect a very dirty political climate leading up to the general election.  In the meantime I will continue to pray for our country and for the citizens who must make decisions that will determine our path.



  1. You have touched on a very important issue here and handled it well. My compliments, foh (or how do you prefer to be addressed?). Standing on principle v voting for the lessor of two evils. I struggle with this myself. Have for some time now. I very much appreciate knowing I am not alone out here.

    • Glad you liked it and your comments made me feel not alone. foh works fine for me! We are out here and we have opinions and reactions to things as they apply to our lives. The media and especially politicians have their polls and such but have no idea the many levels of emotions and opinions are out here. This blog is my way of talking out loud even if I am the only one listening and it makes me feel as though at least I am doing something.

  2. Flyoverhere,

    What you wrote is something we talk about here in our house a lot. My choice may not be the candidate, but we will vote for whoever the candidate is to oust Obama “hopefully”.

    I still see lots of people in a closed conservative group I’m in say they will NOT vote if the candidate is not their choice. I cannot do that. It is our country that is at stake. I knew this before Obama was elected. He has done everything I had thought he would to destroy our country from the research I had done on him.

    I could not believe he was voted in as potus. He has no business being that and I don’t even consider him that especially in light of the overwhelming evidence that now exists that he is ineligible to be potus, not to mention the stolen SS number, the forged selective service card, on and on. Congress has let us down big time as they will do nothing with him. They don’t rein him in or stop him from all of his executive orders which btw are not Constitutional at all. But previous presidents have used them so that is his excuse. It’s time to put EOs where they belong into the trash bin.

    Many members of both the Congress and Senate need to be voted out also. They have been complicit with him and some have no courage. Many no doubt have been paid off. His shadow government is all about control and power and bringing us down.

    Read this article by Larry Sellins, a retired Army colonel:

    Prepare to stay calm and not join in as that is what Obama wants.

    • We obviously talk about all these things a lot. We must talk to others outside our comfort zone too. Colonel Sellins hit the nail on the head in that link you posted. Thanks for sharing and opining!

  3. Countdown until Obama leaves Office
    505 days, 23 hours, 31 mins, 43 secs

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