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Texas on fire

The drought here in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and even parts of Colorado has been devastating.  The pastures are crispy, the crops are either gone or barely hanging on and many farmers and ranchers are watching whats left wiped out by wildfires.  Wildlife is showing up in strange places.  Snakes in the dog’s water bowl in the backyard, armadillos cooling off in the sprinkler, deer in the horse tanks.  All the ‘ol timers’ saying, “I ain’t never seen it this dry before”.

Yesterday as clouds gathered during the hot 105 degree afternoon we anticipated the possibility of rain.  The humidity rose and the 80 mile drive home from Amarillo made the car feel more like a sauna.  As we approached our home town a few rain drops were falling, by the time we hit the red light on main street it was pouring, we were ecstatic, then as we were leaving town it was over, dry as a bone.  We could see showers falling here and there in the distance and as we turned down the dirt road to our farm we could tell that we’d had a little shower and it did smell sweet.  When we went out this morning there were no puddles but a large limb was laying in the yard and lawn chairs were blown off the porch.

Just last Saturday night the ‘Firebelles’, the ladies axillary of the VFD,  held a benefit dinner to raise funds for the fire department.  Our grateful community stepped up and came out in support.   This small community is one of many in rural America that knows how to reach down, grab our bootstraps and pull ourselves up.  Without the selflessness of these volunteer firemen protecting life and property, things would be a whole lot worse.

More chances of rain are forecast for today.  As we watch the skies we will anticipate the rain and at the same time pray that lightning won’t start another wildfire or that if it does that water falling from the sky will be a downpour and put it out….

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  1. Got your link from DrPete’s place. As for the drought, my niece lives in Texas and is pregnant for the first time. So believe me, I am praying for ya’ll.

    Now if we could only get D.C. to institute a drought on spending, maybe we might all survive everything!

    • Hi Mrs. AL! Thanks for check me out and for the prayers! We need all we can get, for sure. A drought on federal spending would certainly be a blessing for the whole country. I am praying for that as well!

  2. FW, we are so dry, that my driveway is cracking! So is the prettifying cement on the foundation. I do hope I have no foundation problems.

    I pray that rain comes swiftly to aid in the fires and drought areas.

    • I hope so too Y! It is getting very serious. One of our biggest concerns is that underground water sources won’t be recharged and if that happens irrigating crops won’t even be an option next year. Praying here too!

  3. thedrpete

    Good friends have Waggoner Ranch in Vernon. The largest single-site ranch in America. They’re not having fun.

    • No, I am sure they are not. Vernon is about 120 miles south of where we live and the conditions are not good. With the hope that every rain cloud brings it also brings fears of setting off another wildfire.

  4. Flyoverhere,

    So sorry to hear about this drought. We have had them too in the past. I have seen all the fires going on there in Texas and feel so much sympathy for people there. Saying my prayers for all of you in Texas for some much needed rain.

    • We can sure use them pepper, thanks!

  5. willibeaux

    2011 has been a devastating year for Americans. Horrendous fires in TX, NM, CA and CO.
    Massive flooding in parts of the country from the Spring runoff. Drenching rain also causing the flooding. Humongous tornados destroying parts of Birmingham and Tuscaloosa AL; the Joplin MO tragedy.

    Hurricane Irene was the latest natural disaster to cause untold misery to parts of our East Coast. Now we are facing the worst drought in our history in parts of our country.

    As a Christian, I’m beginning to wonder is God trying to get our attention? Are we being warned to heed 2 Chronicles 7:14 which says:

    “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven and forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

    In this old man’s opinion that’s a pretty strong admonition.

  6. willibeaux

    I knew you would as a sister-in-the-Lord. Thank you. 🙂

  7. willibeaux

    FW! Xcel energy sent 3 line crews to CT to help restore power. 🙂

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