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going south....This is a picture I took of these beauties last September.  They spent the night ‘roosted’ in one of our elm trees.  The tree literally looked at though it was blooming butterflies.  We felt privileged to witness such a beautiful sight in our back yard.

I have been seeing some really large ones flitting around our yard again lately and am really hoping the whole bunch will grace us again this year with an over night visit.   I know the ones I have been seeing aren’t hanging around because we have so many flowers to feed on.  The drought has seen to that but at least the old trumpet vine is still doing an admirable job and has quiet a few blooms for these most welcome visitors.

I am always amazed at God’s creation and this event was truly awesome!



  1. I have seen very few butterflies around here, unfortunately. I hope once autumn comes we get some heading south 🙂

    • We haven’t seen hardly any kind of butterfly here until the last week or so. These beauties are the beginning of the southward migration I’m sure.

  2. thedrpete

    Have had lots of butterflies, gobs of hummingbirds, cardinals and finches. In Mon Nature’s scheme of predators and predatees, I think we need something the pred the squirrels. Beautiful.

    • We have only one squirrel, at least we have only seen one, one time only….I think something must have predatated him….Thanks, dr pete!

  3. Flyoverhere,

    We also have a plethora of birds, butterflies, and other forms of animal life on the farm here.
    I have a butterfly bush that attracts all kinds of butterflies. Especially the dark blue ones, very beautiful, monarchs, tiger swallow butterfly, and Viceroys. Another things we enjoy so much are the swallows that build nests on our porches, both back and front. Every year we get to watch the little peeps get ready to take their first flight. It is so cool. And swallows will gather together their army to dive bomb you if they don’t want you near the nest.

    • We also enjoy the swallows, we call them mud martins but they really can pick bad spots to nest, like right above door and walkways :-).

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