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Now What?

Yes, this is a rattlesnake


This has been a really traumatic year here in the good ‘ol US of A.  Tornadoes, Floods, Drought, Wildfires, Earthquake, Hurricane and now….SNAKES!  At least here in Texas and other drought stricken areas of the southwest.  Just so you know, I HATE snakes and no snake escapes my wrath if I ever lay eyes on one.  Up until this year my preferred method of elimination has been my trusty 12 gauge but this year I have even resorted to using a large rock.  I don’t know where the courage came from but I knew I didn’t have time to go for the shotgun and I wasn’t going to let it get away….never-mind that it was only a grass snake, it was good practice.

The local news even ran a story last night about the increase in the number of snakes coming into urban areas in search of water.  A kindergarten student was bitten last week on the playground in a neighboring town.  The one seen in the pic above is tiny but is just as deadly, especially for small children or pets.  Years ago a young boy from our community almost died from being bitten by what he  described as big worms that he was baiting his fishing line with, but was actually baby rattle snakes he had found.

Dang, it seems the older I get the more things I find to worry about.  I have three small grandchildren that I keep a lot, we live out on the farm and we do water our yard to protect the house from possible wildfires because we are surrounded by grassland, which attracts the snakes.  Our son-in-law and grand son-in-law are volunteer firefighters with our local VFD.   In just the last week they have been called out a half-dozen times and one of those they were fighting the fire for 28 straight hours.

Well at least for today I am not worrying about the mess in Washington DC but that is really not a comfort because I am very sure that they are doing something else I need to worry about.  If I didn’t have faith that ultimately God is in charge and that all things work to the good of those who love Him, I really would be crazy.  At this point praying without ceasing is a given…..

This is what is on my mind today.  What is on your mind?



  1. Beth

    Very Scary. Just more for you to be a “worry wort” about. Love you and quit worrying so much!

  2. Beth

    oh and ps. love the painting at the top. 🙂

  3. thedrpete

    While nothing like West Texas where we have close rancher friends, it has been dry for quite awhile here in East Tennessee. However I pump water directly from the Tennessee River to irrigate all of my lawn and gardens. All is green and beautiful.

    Additionally, I played 18 holes of golf today at a beautiful course with views of Lake Tellico and of the Great Smoky Mountains with two friends. Great day. Meanwhile I had a trailering package installed on my new Honda Odyssey, and the owner of the dealership picked up my vehicle, took it in, and will return it this evening.

    Haven’t had time or inclination to check either the news or the markets. Life is good.

  4. Flyover,

    It looks like you have a lot of worries on your mind. I have been avoiding the news as it only makes me anxiety ridden. I have to take time away from it.

    Sure sounds nice to be Dr. Pete.

    Snakes don’t bother me all that much except poisonous ones. I don’t want them near me, but I used to keep a big ole black snake in my corn patch to keep the vermin down. He did a good job. LOL! My Mom always told me her father kept a big black snake in their basement growing up to keep out vermin. She went down to get laundry, reached in the basket and the snake was curled up in there. Sounds nuts, but my grandparents were from the old country and did things that way. I thought that was such a funny story when my Mom would tell it.

    • Glad you are taking time away, it does do a body and mind good!

  5. thedrpete

    I suppose I could contemplate and elaborate upon my skin cancer or my left-shoulder structural problem or the arthritis between my 2nd and 3rd vertebra which pains my hips and lower legs and severely restricts my walking and/or my 401k becoming a 201k . . . but I’m instead gonna go upstairs, get some ice, pour some scotch, repair to the deck and watch some boats pass by on a glorious sun-filled day.

    After a few minutes, I’ll head to the kitchen and pre-prep tonight’s dinner before my lovely wife gets home. I iterate, life is good. And, yes indeed, it’s “nice to be Dr. Pete”.

    • I think that is exactly what you should do dr pete, I admire you for looking on the bright side. I normally do too, this week just seems to have brought a lot of trauma drama that hit me broadside, or at least where my frustration got out. I really should stay away from phones and computers when that happens. 🙂 Sorry for the whine fest!

      On a bright note looks like we may be in store for some much needed rain!


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