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Left Turn

Left Turn is in the top ten in Pop Culture, the top 100 in Social Sciences, and the top 1,000 in all books! Take a look at the site, take the quiz to get your own PQ, and read about how media bias may have affected more than just what you see on TV, but the way you think…and vote.

I have not read the book yet. I saw an interview on Fox News with the author, Tim Groseclose tonight. I think it might be worth a read. I went to the website and took the quiz. After you take the quiz it will show how your score compares with members of Congress. I have posted a link under the blog roll.

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  1. I saw this Tim Groseclose on Fox last night also and I would love to read his book too. What I found so disturbing was that these liberal media outlets actually do turn people into liberals. That was utterly disappointing, but obviously they are aware of it too and that is why they have become more biased as each year passes. If people are that stupid, that they will take the information and the terrible lies that get told on these shows and believe them without doing their own research, we are doomed. That is all I could think as I listened to him. I thought some people were waking up to these liberal biased media outlets as some of the things that get said are so outrageous. (I also see the segment “media bash” on Hannity when he has Brent Bozell on) and they show the things that are being said that just shock the heck out of me. I could not imagine anyone believing particularly someone as gutter bound as Chris Matthews. But, apparently people do. I have to admit to feeling despaired since this kind of stuff was turning people into liberals who would vote that way and if we had any chance of getting Obama out. It didn’t seem possible to me if people believe what is said on these shows and our country would just keep going down then. We must have a lot of dumbed down Americans is all I can say and what a pity that is. Then we all get to suffer for it besides.

    • I felt the same way Pepper while listening to him. The Liberal Progressives are a patient lot, they have an agenda that started a very long time ago and have been willing to wait for the proverbial frog to boil…..

  2. thedrpete

    My PQ was 3, whatever that means.

    • dang…mine was 5.3 I think the lower the score the more conservative you are 🙂

      • thedrpete

        It told me that I was lower than Michelle Bachmann, Jim DeMint, and Newt Gingrich, again whatever that means.

      • that means that if everyone voted the way you did that we wouldn’t have a 4Trillion dollar deficit in just the last 3 years.

  3. thedrpete

    Ooops, wrong. Michelle Bachman is a -4.1. She is the only “famous person” “more-conservative” (whatever that means) than I. The test shows John McCain with a much-lower score than Ron Paul.

  4. thedrpete

    If Groseclose is indeed attempting to measure conservatism liberalism, I have to question what his definitions are. I don’t claim to being either of those or anything else, for that matter, other than just “thedrpete”.

    • I understood that he was measuring the effect media bias has had on the electorate.

  5. thedrpete

    The average PQ score is 50.4. Higher is leaning liberal, lower leaning conservative. News content in the New York Times is a 74 on the SQ (slant quotient). The FNC 6 p.m. hour (Eastern) scores close to 50, sometimes 40, others 60.

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