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Back in town…

Well, we had a wonderful trip.  Breathed lots of cool mountain air and soaked up some sweet rain showers.  However, we did not leave “the news” behind.  We had a cable TV connection and believe it or not FOX News was the only channel clear enough to watch, LOL.  So much for leaving my worries behind….

One of the tag lines of the week was the question of Obama’s strategy of leading from behind.  I got this picture in my mind of BO the you know who out walking BO the dog.  BO the dog was running wild, stretching the leash to it’s limit while BO the you know who was just trying to keep up, eventually falling just as BO the dog came to a screeching halt at the edge of a cliff but alas BO the you know who came sliding face first into BO the dog’s rear end pushing BO the dog off the cliff and you guessed it BO the you know who forgot to let go of the leash and plunged over the cliff right behind BO the dog.  Get the picture?  You can apply your own  interpretation of the meaning….

The next thing that came to me was how BO the you know who is practicing what he preaches, you know the ‘victim mentality’ he encourages his idolizers to embrace, claiming HE had the economy “in recovery” but then this streak of bad luck hit.  But for that, unemployment would be zero, the debt and deficit would have magically disappeared and his approval rating would be 100 % (like Saddam Hussein’s during his reign of terror) .

That last thought brings me to the next one.   I think there must be a lot of people out here in “flyover” country who feel terrorized by the goings on in Washington DC, not just at the executive level but at all levels of government.  Who can we really trust anymore?  I could just kick myself for misspending my youth, trusting that elected leaders knew and were doing what was best for all of us.   I will spend the rest of my life not resting, trying to preserve Freedom for my grand babies and making sure that I inspire as many people as possible to wake up before we have to tell future generations that we lost their inheritance…..

Let me know some of your ‘everyday’ thoughts, you know the kind all we  unwashed, redneck, hillbilly, gun toter, Bible clinger, terrorist types that are being told we can go straight to H—.  I don’t know about you but it will be a cold day in that place before I give up.




  1. thedrpete

    Welcome back, Miss Fly, to the discussin’. I like the imagery in the “leadin from behind” thingy.

    • Thanks…I’m not a cartoonist but I might give it a try….:-)

  2. Glad you had a nice vacation, but did not get away from the BO and BS going on in politics.

    I agree with some people, I’m terrorized by this government, not tea party people. And, now the BO government is calling the bad economy on that tiny earthquake, a tsunami in Japan, and a hurricane that has not arrived yet.

    • Thanks Pepper, yes the victim mentality is rampant….

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