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Gettin’ The Heck Outta Dodge!

Ok friends, hubby and I are gonna go where the air is cooler.  Internet service will be ‘iffy’ at best, so if you wonder why I am not responding to posts, that will be the reason.

We have endured a summer of triple digit heat almost every day, actually it started in May and before that we had 50 to 70 mph hotter than normal winds.  It has rained 85/100″ since last October.  We are hot and tired and in need of some R&R….

At the same time my addiction to watching everything the government is up to on a second by second basis will be difficult to overcome but having my sweetie to entertain me will definitely keep me grounded.  Needless to say I am somewhat of a worrywart…

Anyway, just wanted to get yall a heads up.





  1. Mrs. Al,

    Good for you. And if you can, try to stay away from politics while on R&R. Or you won’t get any R&R.
    It’s too disturbing and makes me almost crazy. For example, I’ve not watched the news since Sat. Two whole days without it and I felt calm. Now today while eating breakfast I could hear the TV which the Hawk had on Fox news and my nerves started to get frayed immediately. Let your Sweetie keep ya busy. That sounds like much more fun.
    Have a good and fun vacation now.

    • I’m sorry Flyover. I thought I was on Mrs. Al’s place. Good grief, I’ve got problems lately keeping things straight. So I hope you accept my apology. I’m so sorry.

    • Thanks Pepperhawk, that’s my plan and I’m stickin’ to it!

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