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Because We Need to Know

Thanks to my friend Pepperhawk, I am posting a link she gave me to a blog entitled Pesky Truth who has written a detailed piece on Rick Perry.  I have read it and am glad to say that it has confirmed my own opinions.  So I will post the link and you can decide.  I believe that he can beat Romney and would listen to the country if elected.

Copy and paste the following link in your browser or just click on Pesky Truth under Blogroll on the right side of the page.



  1. Thanks for the link, Lura. I spent a lot of time reading and considering the content of the links. Very interesting, and it seems pretty even-handed. When you and Liesel both feel that Perry is a strong candidate for Conservatives, I have to stop and do more research. Much obliged. Now I have some tools with which to debate! Julia

    • You are very welcome Julia and thank you too! We all must do our own vetting.

  2. Found an interview with Perry on the Gardasil issue. Here is the link

    • flyover,
      I’m glad you re-posted that link. It’s a very fair and balanced look at
      Rick Perry and I thought better of him after reading Garnet’s article.
      I think he could beat Obama. Perry has a much better record than Obama who is a complete failure if you believe him to be incompetent. I don’t believe he is, but a puppet for Soros who wants to bring our country down to its’ knees and we are there.

      I read that issue about Gardasil. I have to say (and maybe this is because at one time I was a nurse) if I had a 14 year old daughter I’d have her vaccinated. The human papaloma virus that causes the cervical cancer is undetectable until the cells from the cervix start showing “cells not identifiable. From there it’s anybody’s guess how long it may take to turn in to cancer. There are surgical things done for the “unidentifiable cells, but they are painful. And after witnessing some horrifying cases of reproductive cancer, I would want my child guarded against it. But that’s just my opinion.

      Some people say that if you do this or talk about sex to your teenager it only makes them want to go have sex. My ex and I talked to our son constantly when he had questions and he avoided having a sexual relationship early due to our talks. But, each has their own opinion.

  3. Thankfully our daughters are grown and they will have to determine what is right for their daughters. Our youngest is an RN and nothing much gets by her.

    The main reason I posted the link is that a lot of folks are using the issue against Perry. He has shown that he can admit a mistake and listened to the ‘outcry’ and gave an out to those who wanted it.

    I haven’t seen many examples of politicians admitting they made a mistake. Like Romney on Romneycare. The O didn’t admit he was wrong about shovel ready jobs he just admitted that he didn’t know the facts…..but it didn’t even make a ripple in the MSM.

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