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Well this is my maiden voyage , so here goes….

Today was the Iowa Straw Poll and Texas Governor Rick Perry jumped into the Presidential Primary Race.  Bachmann won with 28.6% of the vote,  Paul was 2nd with 27.7% and Pawlenty took 3rd with 13.6%,  after last night’s debate I can’t believe that he did that well.  At this time I have no news on whether or not Perry or Palin made a showing as write-ins.

First let me make clear that whoever wins the Republican nomination for President will be the one I cast my ballot for in November 2012.  That person won’t be perfect and he/she won’t be another Ronald Reagan or better yet another George Washington but that person will not be Barack Obama and my fondest desire is that the current resident (P omitted on purpose) of the White House be defeated.

If my intuition hasn’t failed me I believe that the GOP elite have decided that Romney will be the nominee, which distresses me tremendously because I just don’t trust him.  He is just too slick….kinda icky really but I digress.  I hope that he is not our candidate because I think John McCain may be more conservative than he is and we all saw what happened when the GOP picked him.

Out of all the candidates I believe that Perry has the best chance of defeating Romney than anyone else and he is the current governor of my state, TEXAS, not exactly a blue state.   He is adamantly pro-life,  pro-gun, anti-illegal immigration, and pro-states rights.  He is not liked much by the Bushes and I do not think that he is even a little bit Progressive.  These are my impressions and opinions at this time but time will tell.  I am sure that the Tea Party will vet all these candidates even if no one else does and my loyalty has not been tied down at this point.

If I have learned on thing in nearly 62 years, it is that things change and I never assume that I have all the information that I need.

I would like to have other opinions and discussion in the coming year about our leadership and who we think can right our ship of state.



  1. Linda

    First of all, you can’t be 62. I remember you as being, let’s just say, around 14. And you write brilliantly for 14 if I do say so!!! Good blog. Mrs. Messer would be proud.
    I want to read more.
    I don’t know much about Perry. Some people really like him and others don’t. I think he would be a stronger candidate than Romney. Not sure how strong Romney is when trying to stand up to the Dems, the press, etc. Also, I think Romney supported Nationalized Health Care and passed it in his state.
    But Perry comes across very decisively. The Bush’s were not very strong either (both of them). However they were 100% better than who we have now. The Bush’s also do not like Palin.
    They made the comment that she should stay in Alaska. I think Palin is a good catalyst, but not sure about her or Michelle for President. I think the press and the Dems would eat them alive. Palin can hold her own, but she has a lot of trouble with her voice inflections and presentations. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.
    Keep writing. We have a little more than a year to go. I’m praying every night about it.

    • Thanks Linda! You are the first to comment! My objective is just to speak as an everyday American. I am not, a political expert, nor am I an economist but I do know double entry bookkeeping and I know how to balance a checkbook the ‘ol timey way’. I am very sure that no one has ever spent their way out of debt, unless they happened to buy a luck lottery ticket….maybe.

      I do believe that if people like you and I don’t speak out, let others know what we know, hear what they may be missing through whatever source
      they listen to, that we are doomed to become Greece, England, Portugal, etc.

      Another reason I started this blog is for my own sanity and because I know that my Facebook friends get tired of my posting so much political stuff when they just want to have a little fun. Can’t blame them, we all have a huge amount of stress these days. That is the reason I will invite and those who want to be informed can come see what I have to say and maybe it will inspire them to do their own research.

      Thanks again!

  2. willibeaux

    FW! Congratulations! I think you starting this blog has to be a nudge by the Holy Spirit and is very timely. You can be our Gal on the street keeping us advised about Rick Perry and in your opinion his chances of beating the phony in 2012.

    I’m with you on who gets the nomination. My prayer that well meaning Conservatives won’t vote against our nomination like they did John McCain. We are paying a terrible price for their folly.

    At this time I’m not overly impressed with Romney but won’t vote against him if wins the nomination.

    I will bookmark your blog and follow you columns with fond appreciation.

    • Thank you willibeaux! Your opinion means a lot to me. Be sure to hold my feet to the fire if you think I have something wrong. I am just like so many other frustrated people who would rather be dealing with their own business, enjoying their golden years, or playing with the grand kids, instead of spending time fretting over what the political elite are doing to us.

      There are, as we know, Progressives in the Republican party as well. They are a little less obvious about it sometimes and therefore it takes some vigilance to spot them. If one of them gets the nomination we are going to have to be very loud to keep them in line. Keep your eye and ears open and let me know what you know!

      I have been feeling a nudge for a long time and really this is therapy for me as well. It keeps me from dreaming up something useless to worry about and at least in some small way maybe I can help.

  3. willibeaux

    Right on FW! Thanks for your kind remarks. I will be a faithful reader and contribute when I have something interesting.

    Are you and your hubby riding out this drought? It’s has to be very frustratiing.

    BTW! Lorraine and I would love to see pictures of your family especially the latest addition.

    If you are up to a little silliness, jump in on my attempts to be a smart aleck. (I cleaned dat one up). 🙂

    • Thanks again! We are frustrated but ‘weathering’ the drought ok. The dry spell will end when it rains, LOL! I never noticed you being a smart aleck boe…must take one to know one, huh 🙂

      I will post some pics soon for ya. Grace and Peace Lura

  4. Very Nice! Good for you, and I love the blog idea. I have you bookmarked…so far so good, my friend. I have a FB friend that cannot stand Perry. She says he pushed the mandatory vaccination of girls in TX with Gardasil? Is that correct? I’ve heard rumblings about his illegal immigration stance not being so good, too. Don’t know. How are we supposed to learn the truth when there is so much negative press, lies and party politics going on?? I am watching with interest, and guarded hope that we can turn round our ship of state. I feel we are listing pretty far (to the left! LOL) but, perhaps a strong leader with God on His/Her side can achieve a reprieve. Julia

    • Thanks Julia! Gov Perry did think the Garasil was a good idea but it didn’t get passed. I think that is where citizens come in to let leaders know when they don’t agree and I don’t think it’s possible for one human being to know everything about everything even when you have people advising/researching for yo like Governors and Presidents do. One of the biggest problems Perry will have is that he supported and pushed for the Trans Texas Corridor, highway from Mexico to Canada but that got voted down too and now he has changed his tune on that. As long as we have people willing to participate in the political process communicating with legislatures an elected leader can’t become a dictator….current resident of the White House not withstanding, he may get it done with his executive orders, Czars and Democrat Senate. Sure am glad the House isn’t in his pocket completely now. I have am not tied to Perry yet, I like the way he has handled the Texas economy and his Pro-Life stand and some other stuff too but I am still vetting……

  5. willibeaux

    FW! I was talking about my preposterous posts at Pepperhawk Farm 🙂

    • I know boe, I was just being a smart aleck! LOL

  6. willibeaux

    Going to say goodnight FW! Catcha later.

  7. flyover,

    Oh, I am so glad to see you blogging again. As I am also on FB, but in a closed conservative action group, I had no trouble whatsoever expressing my political opinions since it was a political group dedicated to getting rid of Mr. Zero. I would not use capital letters when referring to him as potus. In fact, I try not to refer him to that.

    Garnet has a very well written document on Rick Perry, the pros and cons. You may want to read it. He is on here at WordPress also. I liked most of what he wrote about Rick Perry. I don’t think Romney is going to go anywhere actually. Do you recall how those “polls” were showing him as one of the front runners in Iowa? As you see those “polls” were very wrong. But, when you only use 25% repubs and 75% socialists to conduct your poll, it is only to make us “think” he is going to be the winner, thus demoralizing us. The commies are so good with their psychological warfare.

    Like you I intend to vote for whoever the Republican nominee is as a vote against the King. I can’t take 4 more years of him or his wife. I may have to slice my throat if that were to happen. God help us we don’t have to endure him for another 4 years.

    Link to Garnet:

    And congratulations for your new blog. I have already subscribed so I don’t miss a thing.

  8. Doc


    Nice post. And I am with you as long as Michelle or Rick gets it, as I can no longer hold my nose. If somehow the GOP pushes Mitt on us, I am done with them and will go third party. Just how I feel. We also need to get rid of some RINO congress critters.
    Best of luck and I will be reading ya.
    Jim of The THsquad.

    • Thanks Jim! I am praying that there will be no nose holding goin’ on!

  9. willibeaux

    FW! We would like to have you join our DBABM and take part in our retaliation missions against the IUSE Blackshirt thugs on Mrs. Pepper’awks blog. If you decide to join, your Navajo code name will be F-ar-m-er-s-wi-fe

    HooRah! 🙂

    • sounds like fun boe. What is DBABM and what is IUSE. Might take me a bit to figure out how it works. I will go back and take a closer look at the comments. Thanks for trusting me with a code name.

  10. willibeaux

    F-ar-m-er-s-wi-fe! Happy you are going to join us. We may have need for one of your hosses. DBABM stands for Dune Buggy Attack Battalion on Motorcycles. IUSE stands for International Union of Service Employees. They are Mr. No Blame’s Black Shirt thugs.
    When you get a chance check the Pepper’awk Farm blog for our mission to rid Mr. Acorn’s unwelcome guests. If you would like to join in the fun, we’ll let you join Pepper’awk and Gos’awk on their manure flinging caper at the IUSE thug’s arsenal.
    We iss going to have a ball. 🙂

    HooRah! 🙂

    • Hi willibeaux, I am going to have to change my mind about being part of the ‘mission’. I need to spend more time on some things that I have been putting off for too long. Larry is home more now that he isn’t actively farming and we have waited a long time for some time to do ‘our’ thing. I know yall will have a blast and will read all about it at the blog. Hope you and others will keep reading mine.

      Grace and Peace to all

  11. willibeaux


  12. thedrpete

    I have just subscribed to your new blog, FOH. Like it a bucketload.

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